Glee's roleplaying game companion thread

Following a request for a game for newbies, I offered to run a straightforward campaign.

The first player (NAF1138) joined in just 9 minutes :cool: (so I’m confident the game will go ahead.)
This is the companion thread where anyone can ask questions, make comments etc.

I’ll start the actual game thread once the player have chosen their characters, so this is the place to watch for now.

Per GM request I am going to hold back on picking a character until there are more people in the party.

Ditto, per implied GM request. :slight_smile:

We now have 3 players:

NAF1138 (choosing later)
Jimmy Chitwood (Ranger or MU type)
Malacandra (choosing later)

Six characters is my limit, but I could run with at least four.
I’m not going to rush though, since I want to give posters time to see this thread.

Jimmy, here’s an outline for you of both my game and your characters:

The campaign is based on Tolkien (Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings etc) and is set in an English-type land with early medieval technology.
So the climate is temperate (and occasionally damp!); there are dragons, spells and hobbits; plus castles, castellans and catapults.


  • a tough Fighter who can wear any armour and learn to use any three weapons
  • early training gives them extra health (= hit points in the game)
  • does more damage against large orc-kind (= bugbears, ogres, giants etc.)
  • alert against surprise attacks


  • Use powerful offensive, defensive, informational and travel spells to assist the party
  • cannot use armour and rarely use weapons


  • Specialises in summoning spells
  • cannot use armour and rarely use weapons

As our first newbie, you can choose anything.
Thanks to NAF1138 and Malacandra, we’ll finish with a balanced party (this means more Fighters and Clerics than MU’s and Thieves.)

I’m in, too. I’ll also pick a race and class later, to select something that balances the party. I’d love to play a cleric, though.

I’m in!

I’ll be a strong magic-user if possible.

I’ll do this! I would like to be a summoner type, as that’s always fun.

OK, we have our party. :slight_smile:

NAF1138 (choosing later)
Jimmy Chitwood (Ranger)
Malacandra (choosing later)
Appleciders (Cleric)
**Malahoth **(MU)
**Teuton **(Summoner)

Jimmy, I needed more Fighters, so I hope you’ll play the Ranger.

NAF1138 and Malacandra - I think the party needs a Thief (or Warrior Monk) and a Paladin (fight and heal.)
Have a discussion between yourselves and let me know.

We’ll start the character generation process now.
This will take some time, because a) it will need some correspondence and b) it’s fun!

Basically you all send me a PM giving some ideas for your character, I’ll convert that into a suggested character (complete with background); check with you and make any final adjustments - then post the game thread.

NAF1138, I’m not that wild about thieves, but I could try out the house-ruled monk or the paladin, so you have a choice of any of them really as I’ll still have one of mine available.

I’ve never been a Paladin fan but I like thieves and monks. Thief is more traditional…I will take thief and keep it old school.

That leaves the paladin for me then. I’ll put a PM together and send it through.

Ok, pm sent.

Thanks to everyone - there will sadly be a short delay as I’m going to sleep now and have a busy day tomorrow.
But I’m keen to do this and will get round to it!

So we’ve got a fairly light party so far, with only one real heavy-armored fighter. A ranger and a cleric can hold their own, certainly, and I’m sure that a summoner will bring up a lot of flank-covering buddies, but thieves and magic-users take some looking after. We may prefer to fight from ambush.

I am not married to playing a thief. I could go the monk route if we need a more robust character. I’ve never been a monk, it could be neat. What do you guys think?

I know so little about AD&D compared to the later versions, and glee’s warrior monk is a variant, so I know even less. It’s really hard to say. In any case, a warrior monk is probably not going to be a tank in the way that a paladin is. It’s not a problem to have a light party, we’ll just focus a little more on mobility.

I’ll shoot glee a pm with ideas for both and let him tell me what he thinks.

I sent** glee** two options for clerics, both of whom are fairly robust. (A human cleric of Orome and a dwarven cleric of Aule.) Either should be able to protect the spellcasters fairly well.

Firstly thanks for your enthusiasm!
(As I said, once we begin players do need to keep sending in orders - even brief ones - so the game can keep moving.)

Next some clarification on the campaign setting…

I’m keeping things relatively straightforward, so newcomers without any rulebooks can enjoy themselves and make a decent contribution.
I trust the experienced players to be helpful and patient. :cool:

This is a ‘Tolkien-inspired’ adventure, not set in Middle Earth, but in some English-type countryside, with some Northern European touches.
(For experienced players, think Forgotten Realms )

What I’d like from each player is their choice of class (e.g. Cleric)and race (e.g. human), plus a brief description of their character and perhaps some suggested history.
Note that there are restrictions on class / race combinations, e.g. a Paladin must be human.
I will then create the character and give them a background suitable for this game.
(This may take a while, but I think it’s both worth doing and enjoyable.)

I’ve already had enough information from Malcandra, Teuton and Malahoth while Appleciders and NAF1138 are giving it careful thought (I’ll send both PM’s to help.)
So Jimmy Chitwood, please get in touch. :wink:

Huh. Thread was not what I expected. Then again *Glee *did seem to be the weirdest show to develop a tie-in RPG for…