Glen Beck 100 year plan for America

On Saturday at a retirement community in Florida, FOX personality Glen Beck announced what looks like the second phase of the Tea party movement. It will evolve into a march on Washington next August, regional conventions, political candidates, and a new Beck book giving us a 100 year plan to take back America and return us to the days before the bad old progressive movement started 100 years ago… more or less I am guessing.

I don’t even know where to start laughing at this.

Haha, the old people think they are the future of America.

So, the country reached its peak in 1909, eh? Fascinating.

Well, sure. We just got rid of that big-government business-hating socialist Theodore Roosevelt.

Hmm, posted my reply before fully reading the linked article. Where is the “100-year plan” bit coming from? The article doesn’t seem to mention that at all.

But at least “progressive” wasn’t a dirty word then. (President Taft regarded himself as a progressive, and Teddy Roosevelt supported him as such).

I’m starting to think that Glenn Beck is just an elaborate and scary hoax. Like Stephen Colbert if he weren’t on Comedy Central.

Seriously? A book called Arguing with Idiots? That features a guy dressed up like a fascist?

Glenn Beck now gets his inspiration from the communist chinese?
Why am I not surprised?

I initially misread this as “Glenn Beck now gets his inspiration from Communist cheese?”

Although that would explain a lot about Beck. Even more than getting ideas from the Communist Chinese would.

So now he’s following in President Obama’s footsteps and becoming a…community organizer?

So even Beck admits it would take another 100 years to roll back the social progress of the last 100 years? I thought the RW was all impatient and right-nowish about that.

That he’s announcing this scheme at a retirement community, I think speaks volumes about its future.

Here is footage of Beck announcing his 100 year plan.

If you go the the youtube source, there are more other examples of video footage there from the Florida rally. Somebody even has a six part series where you can see his entire speech… if you can stomach that.

I’d rather a barbed wire catheter. Snort four lines of Drano. Buggered by a rhinoceros.

I’d rather be buggered by a rhino with a barbed wire catheter using Drano as lube (and lauging Krusty the Klown style, I should add).

I got a call from my mom on Sunday morning. I had left a message for her on Saturday but she was busy at this rally. My parents just moved in July to the Villages, Fla and are die-hard republicans. She was still riled up from Beck’s speech and said that about 20K people showed up. Her next statement was “I wonder if the mainstream media is going to report about it all”.

Me:“Isn’t Glen Beck on FoxNews?”


Me:“FoxNews is one of the most watched news sources in this country, right?”


Me: “And so how is it that they fall out of the mainstream? I thought that would be the definition of mainstream.”

“Glen Beck was great.”

Me: :rolleyes:

I really don’t mind a difference in opinions, it’s just when there’s no substance behind them that makes me scream.

Forget substance; that doesn’t even have a consecutive flow of logic.

My sister borrowed this book and when I saw it on the coffee table, I did a fake scream and dropped the newspaper over the cover picture. I really think that if she had had a weapon handy that I would have been in danger. Anyway, I owe my sister a powerful debt of gratitude and I ended up promising to “at least read” the damn thing.

I hope I may be forgiven.

This dude has more plans than John “Hannibal” Smith.

I wish I could get inside the minds of the people who think it is real. What must that feel like? Is it like being high?