Glenn Beck and the Worst Book Cover Ever

When I first saw this image, I did not believe it was real. It is.

Where do you even begin?

And which side is he taking in the argument?

And you wanna know in a nutshell what’s wrong with America? It’s not going to be published until the 22nd and it’s already #8.

I, uh. Wow.

Nothing says stopping big government like a military uniform, am I right?

He was going for the pudgy Soviet apparatchik who just had his comic book money stolen look? 'kay, guess it sells books

Check out the “tags customers associate with this product” section.

Ah, ‘springtime for hitler’ or ‘pig vomit’, which to choose…

‘starting with himself?’ There’s one

That is definitely a weird-looking photo: is it just me, or is he sporting some weird facial shadows and/or makeup that makes it look as though he has a black eye?

(And what’s with the “Toys R Us”-style backwards R in “arguing”, anyway?)

A Ya maybe? For the “Cyrillic=Russian=Communist=Obama’s a Communist” thing?

Except I can’t imagine his fans knowing what in the hell a Ya was. And it’s not pronounced remotely the same.

I especially like “how does he sleep at night” and “i weep for mrs beck”.

It’s like dear old Smashy calling America Amerika. It doesn’t have to make sense, only look vaguely ominous.

Check out the numbers. “idiot” (89), “keeping America stupid” (87), “maroon” (80) and so on, till you get to “keeping America informed” (25) and “true patriot” (23).

But, truly, I am most deeply offended by his conceit of posturing himself in the mold of Thomas Paine. Blasphemy! - a word I almost never have occasion to use.

Is it my imagination, or does the hat not fit?

I don’t think an argument with Glenn Beck has sides. Love handles, possibly, but not sides. And for the record, I think the sub title was originally the more honest “Arguing, with Idiots.”

What? He’s got on tie and a military style suit and hat. What’s the big deal?

I laughed out loud at this line, ostensibly justifying the book:

I’m at a loss as to how this does not describe the author perfectly…

Oh good, someone has arranged for a demonstration. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly that it seems to be a serious non sequitur. What does any of it have to do with his title or apparent thesis? My best guess: if he was wanting to evoke the Soviet Union (thus making a connection with the “idiots” of his title and their supposedly socialistic beliefs), surely he could’ve picked a less roundabout way to go about it? Not to mention the photo itself doesn’t flatter him much.

Oh my. Oh my my my. The sense of revulsion was suppressed by the jaw-dropping hilarity of this following, taken from the product description:

The lie… it metas!

“Douglas C. Neidermeyer: killed in Vietnam by his own troops”

Was Beck ever in the military? Also, looks to me like a Russian uniform. Also, the “R” in “arguing” is reversed, which is frequently done to give a sort of cod-Cyrillic effect. Not sure what the point is, exactly, but it all does come off a bit…odd.