Glenn Beck Substance Abuse

What substances did Beck abuse?

Truth, Justice and the American Way.


I once saw him bitchslap a carton of sodium bicarbonate.

The frontal lobes of his viewers cerebral cortices?

Apparently he was a major pothead back in the day.

Allegedly, a young girl in 1990. Yes, this is an allegation, but is he ever going to answer that allegation? Because I don’t think anybody can argue that a young girl can count as a “substance”, and nobody with even a passing knowledge of US law can say rape and murder doesn’t count as “abuse”. Those are known facts, people.

So it’s time for Glenn Beck to stand up and face these awful, awful, allegations.

If I were Glenn Beck, I’d use anything I could to escape, if but temporarily, from the reality of being Glenn Beck. It’s as Alec Guinness said about his decision to be written out of the Star Wars franchise: “I just couldn’t go on saying those bloody awful, banal lines.” There should be an amendment to the Controlled Substances Act allowing Glenn Beck to use whatever substances he needs to in whatever quantities required to dull the pain of being Glenn Beck.


Gee, he worked in radio in the 1980s. The fact that he used cocaine is noteworthy I guess - it would be more of a shock if he never touched the stuff.

This isn’t to excuse Beck - who isn’t my style even if I am in sympathy with many of his political positions.


Ballpeenerol is known to penetrate the blood-brain barrier in large doses.

No, actually he doesn’t have to face them until and unless someone provides evidence that it actually happened. Just accusing someone of something isn’t proof, although you’d think by the attitudes of some people that it is.

Wow, Rikwriter, didn’t think I’d ever see anyone actually fall for that bit.

Anyhoo, Beck is a member of AA, so apparently he was an alcoholic, and that’s the drug I usually hear most often referenced when people talk about his past problems, though apparently he was also pot as well.

Whether his addictions led him to the horrible acts that may or may not have happened in 1990, well, it would be irresponsible to speculate.

He abuses Vick’s Vapo Rub. When the show calls for him to cry, he rubs a little Vick’s under the eye.

He has talked openly and often about his alcoholism and pot use. He also claims to have regularly used cocaine. He says he decided to become Mormon as a part of his recovery process, though he claims to have gone sober in 1994 and he didn’t join the LDS church until right after his second marriage in 1999. I would imagine his second wife was Mormon and thats why he converted.

I might not have, if I hadn’t heard a lot of people say it seriously.

Specifically, people such as Glenn Beck.


That’s exactly the point: people parrot the ludicrous bullshit that Glenn Beck spews as if it’s the gospel truth.

I don’t listen to Beck, so I don’t know. I’ve heard the accusations about him though and heard them said earnestly.

then the joke was a success