Glenn Close leaving The Shield

Just saw this on SFGate:

I’ve got mixed feelings. I liked her best in the last episode, but I didn’t think her character was all that impressive before then. She too often had the same goofy grin on her face.
If she’s replaced by a new actor as Captain, who would you most like to see replace her?

I’d vote for Chris Noth, Andre Braugher, or (as a crazy unpredictable Captain choice) Michael Moriarty.

I’m not surprised that Glenn Close isn’t sticking around. TV work is very grueling, and she’s no spring chicken (mmmm… chicken gruel…)

My choice for the new captain would be the intelligent (yet fiery) Carl Lumbly. I’d love to see him clash with Claudette Wyms.

The new Farmington Captain should be a cop with a shadowy past, reccommended for the post by ex-president David Palmer…a hard-as-nails type, who goes by the name of Jackson Bower. :smiley:

Great news, Rik, he’s currently between engagements!