The Shield: Season Finale @ 10:00 E.S.T.

Let me start by apologizing for not starting a thread for last week’s episode.

Captain Close is under heavy fire for the siezure policy, and I’m sure that will be revolved one way or the other during this episode.

The Russian connection is getting stronger and stronger, so I’m guessing the Money Train has to come up tonight.

Will anyone of importance get popped tonight?

More importantly, will Vic and Danni get it on again?

Enjoy fellow Shield lovers, and get ready for the beginning of Rescue Me in a couple of weeks.

Well, I guess I’ll spoiler this, even though it’s just a guess:

Seems to me that they knew Glenn Close wasn’t returning for another season, as it is definitely heading that she’s the one going down. Not dead, just fired.

although I wouldn’t be shocked (surprised, yes, not shocked) if

it was Lem who swapped the herion for the fake, and something comes down on him

Looks like the strike team might be in for some serious trouble next year.

I am sad to see how Rawlings go the shaft, but I am glad that the writers made her firing realistic. No way the big boys are going to let a captain bully them like that.

That was a very powerful episode…but I really didn’t like it. Not a thread of good news to think about until next season. Just left me feeling somewhat…sad.

I also really wish Glenn Close had returned. At first I didn’t like her, but man did she grow on me, and man did she act the hell out of her role the final episodes.

And I guess it’s karma, but I’d hate to see the Strike Team go down for something they didn’t do.

One thing FX has done well, at least to alleviate the waiting period, is to fill the empty Shield slot on Tuesday nights with Rescue Me.

Was anyone else afraid that Vic and Monica were about to “share a moment”? :eek: :eek: :eek:

And I agree that Ms. Close showed some major chops the last couple of eps. I’m glad she took the time to visit.

Poor Lem. The least crooked member of the team is the one who is going to pay big time. And damn that little CI whore.

I had the same feeling, and was very relieved when it didn’t happen.

How about Dutch winning the respect of Vic and the other boys? That can’t possibly last can it? I was also glad that he turned down the opportunity to run The Farm.

4 seasons down and already looking for our 4th captain.

What happened to Shane’s wife and kid by the way?

All in all, I would say this was one of the best seasons so far. My biggest hope for next year is that Anthony Anderson will be able to play Antwoine Mitchell again.

I’m bummer the GC isn’t coming back for another season, but thinking about it, she was far too much of a force to be dealt with. She really, really impressed me with her ability to drop right in to the Farm and her character really seemed to play out exactly right.

And yeah, poor Lem. :smack:

Captain Rawlings seemed on the verge of telling Mackey about the IA investigation, or at least that is how I read their last scene. IA now wants the whole strike team; figures they’ll get them for something like intent to distribute when that wasn’t the intent at all. I can’t really fault the CI, she’s just looking out for herself. Mackey may be nice when kids are involved, but he’s not going to provide for her and her baby for the next two decades.

Aceveda still might have a problem with the picture though. I don’t see that going away too easily.

Seems Billings only job this season was to help build Dutch. I could have sworn he or Army were going to buy it, but only Carl and Scooby were destined for that big precent house in the sky.

Lastly, I think CCH Pounder did a ton of acting while saying next to nothing. Great expressions throughout the season, especially at the end with Dutch after he turned down the promotion.

I was surprised that nothing happened with Army in the final episode.

A solid episode wrapping up a pretty good season, but I’m hoping that the investigation next season triggers a return of the really Evil Strike Team. These guys killed an undercover cop who was on to them in the first episode, they set up their own dealers and took kickbacks, they were dirty cops and these past two seasons it’s been more along the lines of they let things get out of hand and then try to cover it up.

This felt like an extended build up to the next season. There’s a lot of balls up in the air now and given the plotting of previous episodes I doubt that many of them are forgotten. There must be a dozen major plot lines waiting for a solid resolution now and it wouldn’t surprise me if next season is the last one for the series bringing everything together.

You and me both. So much for my prediction. Harumph.

I too thought Rawlings was going to warn Vic about the investigation, but I’m glad she didn’t. That wouldn’t be like her character to tell, since for all she knew they were dirty drug dealers.

Well technically they did. Lem did break in and beat that guy up, then take his stash. We know it wasn’t really like that, but on the face of it that’s enough for prison time.

What I like most about this show is that they take their time with character development. Julian was barely even featured this season, but you know he’ll get involved again at some point. I also think Acevedo and Shane are going to be sold out by Antoine pretty early next season.

The most depressing part of the show: the announcer at the end: “The Shield will return with all new episodes…in 2006!!” Aaaaauuugh!! Why say it like that!!!

Side note: I noticed for the first time last night that Vic’s daughter (the one that liked that boy) is Michael Chiklis’ daughter IRL.

In an earlier episode, Shane mentioned that he got them out of town so that Antoine wouldn’t get them, but I don’t think we’ve seen or heard of them since.

I’m still wondering what happened to the cop that joined the Strike Team that wound up in hospital. (Jeez, can’t remember his name).
He and Shane got into a fistfight in Shane’s apartment and Shane’s wife ended up hitting him on the head with an iron.

Anyone else 'member him?

Tavon. I don’t think they referred to him all season! But Lem kept visiting in the hospital, and I forget if he ever realized that Shane and Mara put him there and Vic covered it all up.