Gmail invites up for grabs


For whatever reason, Google has sent me 50 invitations to give away.

Apparently, the fact that I haven’t given any of the 6 I’ve been entrusted with for the last 3 months hasen’t disuaded them from giving me 50 now.

I don’t know why they don’t just release the damn thing - there are probably only 20 people left who want one but haven’t signed up yet.

However, if anyone wants one, they can email me at wayward at

I’ve got 10 to give away.

electronicxchaos at gmail dot com

I may be away for the evening, but I’ll get to you tonight or tommorow morn.

Limited offer
Only 50,000,000 more to hand out.


Both my accounts got fifty invites too. So I sent 75 to Chimpy and 25 to Silver Fire and they’re no longer my problem. Hehehe.

I’ve got a bunch, myself. Anybody needs one, just ask.

Thanks Aesiron, I used #18.

I have fifty, too, and I got no reason to have 'em…

I’ve all the sudden got 50 invites. Let me know if you want one.

Ok, so both my accounts have been handed 50 invites.
I’m not about to send myself 100 invites and post the links.

Take them, or I shall start doing stupid things with them.

Either the e-mail in my profile or Lcarscad at gmail dot com

If they’re giving them out in chunks of fifty, they must be pretty close to letting folks just sign up.

GAH. I already sent out a hundred god damned invites and now I have a hundred more. This is insane.

I’ve got 50 too. joehache @ g to take them!

Another guy with 50. Email tjdwalin at… well, what do you think?

I got 4 left e-mail to emanuel(dot)levy(at)gmail(dot)com

50 available. Sheesh. camigi at

Can we get a link on the registration page directing new members here?

I’ve got 50, too. Email is in my profile, I don’t know how to do the cool linky thing.

oh my god that was tedious. i hereby refuse to format these. enjoy fellow dopers under cecil.

Yeah, thanks for that… (Bright side? At least I didn’t get a full half of them.)

Hey, guess what? I have 50, too. No wait, I have 49; I managed to give one away today (thanks for emailing me!).

Or you could boost my place in the high score list of free gmail invites and send them to :wink: :slight_smile:

gmail is ancient history. Everyone uses now.