Gmail invites up for grabs

On the off chance that everyone else has dried up or that someone wants a gift from moi specifically, my e-mail’s in my profile and I’ve oodles of invites to give away.


For some unholy reason, decided to change my donate address to this instead . A slight difference, and I can’t seem to see anywhere on their site that says that it will change. So I ended up donating 100 to god knows where :smack: I coulda gone up so many places on the top 100.

Thanks alterego, I’ve used one of them!


i got 6. please take them. please!

and you can get all 6 of them when you e-mail me at my screen name at gmail dot com!!! hurry while they last!

i’ve got 50 too

jedimindtricks at gmail

i’d ask for one… but Gee… i already have email. :rolleyes:

sadpunk at gmail dot com … and I also have 50. I’m beginning to think we’re reaching a point where there are more invites than folks who want a gmail account.

You could always donate them to

We’ve been at that point for months.

I’ve sent you a few…dozen

In the unlikely event that there’s someone left out there who needs an invitation, send e-mail to my user name at


Uh - me too. (myusername) Just put SDMB somewhere in the message so I know why I got the message.

Gotta say, I be usin the gmail alla time now. Likin it very muchly.

Something’s screwed up, they’ve changed the address again! And I’ve donated 150 that aren’t showing up! But right now it is

I wrote a program that speeds up giving away your invites. Takes about 3 minutes now. Copy to your clipboard a non-existant hotmail address, such as Then go into your gmail account, put your cursor in the invite text field, press ctrl + v, press enter. wash, rinse, repeat 50 times.

Open up the entire conversation of bounced emails you get from hotmail, press ctrl + a, ctrl + c to put it all on the clipboard. Save this entire blub of text to your desktop in a file called gmail.txt. Download my program, run it, and it will create a file called invites.txt on your desktop.


you can decompile the program with the software at it doesn’t do anything else…:slight_smile: here’s the source code

#include <file.au3>
$a = @DesktopDir & "\gmail.txt"
$b = 1
_FileReadToArray($a, $b)

For $x = 1 to $b[0]
	$var = String($b[$x])
	If StringInStr($var,"http",1)Then FileWrite(@DesktopDir & "\invites.txt",@CRLF & $var)

You don’t need to press enter every time, you can use a comma to seperate addresses.

I have 50, and they’re all MINE!!!

Not really. m dot lp dot ql dot m at gmail dot com