Go away Fanta commercial, go away and die!

I don’t even really have the words to describe how much I despise the newest round of Fanta radio commercials. Non-stop cheering and chanting, an island beat, incessant rhyming of “want a” and “Fanta”. Whoever came up with this concept has 2 overriding characteristics:

  1. A deep seated hatred towards my sanity and the calmness with which most people strive to live their lives.
  2. Absolutely no hearing whatsoever, because anyone with even partially functioning ears would realize just how painful those commercials are and how little they will lead to someone actually buying a Fanta.

I thought you meant the one with the stupid kids sitting on the dish and burping hello at the “astronomers”

That burping one is by far the most annoying ad I’ve ever seen.

I also hate the condescending, insincere chuckle in the VO at the end that says “Sha-a-re the fun”.


Yeah, the commercial sucks. All I’ve seen is the T.V. one with those girls on the island singing that “Fanta, Fanta, wanta Fanta.” thing.

However, it still doesn’t keep me from mixing Strawberry Fanta and Coke together all the time.

And it also doesn’t keep me from wanting to put my penis into all four of those girls. Not exactly at the same time tho’.

I also find the TV Fanta commercial to be very annoying and a tad insulting. Inane music and stoopid-looking, head-swaying (not in the Simetra sense :)), gyrating females who I can’t even look at directly. Not only should the concept thinker-uppers be rounded up and slapped for their lack of creativity, but so should the company decision-makers for accepting this. Perhaps they should be made to listen to this commercial ad nauseam, which is, now that I think about it, about the length of the commercial. The commercial seems like a spoof but is too annoying and unfunny. Sadly, I suppose it is really meant to appeal to the masses.

I agree with Mullinator: It really is painful to listen to this commercial, and even if I am parched to the gills I would not, on principle, purchase this drink.

Yeah, that ad’s almost as much fun as slamming your scrotum in a car door. Maybe their strategy is to build product recognition by getting everyone to say: “Gee, I sure hate that FANTA commercial. I refuse to ever buy a delicious, cool, refreshing FANTA”. Only problem is, I think I heard the ad about 10 times before I even noticed what they were saying.

In Spain, they had a Fanta commercial involving some hot shirtless guys pedal-boating out into the middle of the ocean.

“Hey, ¿dónde estamos?”
“¿Quién sabe? Hey, ¿otra Fantita?”

Then a shark attacks them (!) so they wing their Fantas at it in fright. They miss, so they look at each other in horror -

“¡¡Las Fantas!!”

and dive in towards the shark after the soft drinks.

Spanish commercials are a real trip. (Did I mention the one with the cute young guy who does drag to advertise an ice cream bar with two different flavours?)

Those women are so exceedingly hot I will easily forgive any annoyance from the stupid tune. Nearly all commercials have stupid tunes, but few have young ladies so tasty-looking. MMMmmm, Fanta chicks…

They should get me and my old classmates to do the Fanta commercials. We ran across it in Italy and Greece in 1996 on a school trip and came up with a possible campaign in twenty seconds: Fanta Claus. If you’re good he brings you Fanta in a bottle, if you’re bad you get Fanta in a can.