Who's your favorite Fantana? (Don't ya Wanna?)

I like Sophia, the one in purple.

Spinning spinnig getting dizzy, you need something cold and fizzy!

Yeech. I find all of them kinda creepy. There’s just something about 1970s kitsch costumes and bad lip-synching, and that hairy guy at the end of the commercial who says “uh huh.”

I have to sit through that thing every time I go to the movies.

I did too- at first . . .

. . . but I go to the movies 2 to 5 times a week, and there’s just something about repetition and familiarity. I’m used to them now, I expect them now and . . .

Yeah, I don’t quite know what it is but there’s something about it, maybe the adult film industry should explore it. I do still find them creepy but in a “Ooh! What would that creepy girl be into???” kind of a way.

I thought there was an Asian one? I’d’ve picked her but since I don’t see her, either one on the left. I don’t care which.

The one on the far right in this picture, she looks sort of like an inverse Gwen Stefani. Although to be fair, they’re all good.

I was picked out of the mall and brought into a *super secret booth * a couple years ago to view the “new” commercial and tell them what I thought of it. Don’t look at me, I told them it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen :wink: (until those scary sponge monkey things for Quizno’s… shudder)

They also paid me to try the new flavours - they had a blue kind that was yummy, is there a blue kind now? Or was I so against the grain they went with the commercial and didn’t release the blue flavour? :frowning:

There was a red kind, and an orange kind, and a yellow kind, and a blue, anna purple, anna green…

But, if I have to pick a favourite, I say the blue girl. (Is there still a blue girl? I haven’t seen the blue Fanta yet, so maybe they took her out with other unreleased flavours?) I’ve only seen the commercial on TV once, and I barely remember. I just shook my fist at the screen. :smiley:

Looks like there are grape, strawberry, orange and pineapple flavors/girls.

I find the commercial strangely enjoyable. Intellectually I acknowledge that it has all the characteristics of something that annoys the hell out of me, but, yet, when watching it, I just bop along with the song and am amused by it.

I particularly like the guy in the body cast, for some reason.

I like the yellow one. “Lola” by ShibbOleth’s link. Not much of a role in the commercials I’ve seen, so probably chosen by virtue of being the least annoying.

Somebody here - I can’t rememebr who - posted a post just like this:

No, I do *NOT * want a Fanta!

Devil women.

Devil women.

For some reason, I find this post very funny, and have never forgotten it. Hmm. think I’m going to go hunt it down.

In answer to the OP, I think the second from the left is rather attractive.

Her hair looks really nice. (Who can ID *that * quote?)

Holy cow, I found it! Here’s the thread:


And here is the quote:

From **Shib’s ** link, I think the grape one is prettiest.

The commercials are awful, but I find that I can’t look away when they come on.

And Sophia (the one in purple, who likes grape Fanta) is the one who captivates me.

The current Fantanas are Mark II. I thought the Mark I Fantanas (who I’m no longer able to find a group shot of) were much prettier.

For comparison purposes in case you do find a photo of, the Mark I blonde Fantana had long hair, and the Mark I orange Fantana had some sort of cornrow thing going on with her hair.

Check the photos at the links that Aesiron and I posted. Those aren’t the same two groups of women. I’m not sure if they’re all different, but check the nose on the one end right and the nose on Kiki. She’s either had some serious rhinoplasty or they’ve switched her out.

One of my favorite webcomics just did a series on the replacement of the Fantanas…

The Friendly Hostility Fantana Saga! (Hint: Go in order from first link to last…)

Special Agent Kenneth McCullers in Grosse Pointe Blank, watching Debi Newberry and Martin Blank go into the Pointes High 10-year reunion. Gods, I have too much trivia stuck in my brain.

You look hot in all that plaster. Drink some Fanta- FASTER! FASTER!

The FASTER! FASTER! line just about makes me blow my load every time. :eek:

Yeah, they were way more attractive. Why did they get rid of the old set?

:smiley: Me and my SO flip that quote back and forth all the time. I like the movie, but I really like Martin Blank (forget his real name). he’s cool.

John Cusack.