Go bye-bye!

…well, just for four days, but I thought I’d inform you guys in case you became worried (seeing that I post every day).

I’m going to Niagara Falls with my youth group for a convention from the 27-30. I’m going against my wishes (I’m antisocial and prefer staying home), but I’ll make the best of it. I’ll miss you all!


I’m blowing my Secret Santa cover but please check your e-mail before you go… Our friendly neighborhood UPS still has your gift and needs more info to deliver it! Merry Christmas!

Antisocial or not, I hope you have a good time Welfy.

Have fun, but promise us you won’t try the barrel stunt, k?

He didn’t mean that! DO try the barrel stunt!

Have fun Welfy!!!

:::waving at Welfy:::

Bye-bye Welfy! Bye-bye! See you later!

Love ya Welfy, I’ll miss ya!


Awww…I just get back, and you leave? How will I ever become a non-newbie at this rate? :wink:

but, anyway…hugs for my favorite Welfy

Thanks, you guys! Gees, getting replies makes me miss you even more, and I’m not even gone yet!

fun, I already knew it was you, because I peeked! hangs head in shame Anyway, I got your present today. Thank you so much! I haven’t put the lovely Spanish poetry book down since I got it!

Hmmm…no, I don’t think I’ll be doing the barrel stunt. Much too cold out! I prefer swimming in the indoor pool wearing my bikini I haven’t worn in ages.

Dynosaur, I’m sorry I’m leaving as you return! Don’t worry, by the time I give you tasks to do you won’t be a newbie anymore!

Antisocial or not, I’ll try to have a good time. Being the evil older sister and torturing my brother’s girlfriend will entertain me enough. grins evilly

Evil older siblings are great… (I say this because I *am *one, not because I have one!)

Anyway, have a great time! Being antisocial just means you’re more discerning…

Oh, and everything that Paul said… :slight_smile: