Go Green Bay!

Although I normally am a fan of the Washington Redskins, this weekend I will be pulling for the Green Bay Packers. It seems that throughout the history of the Redskins, the result of the last home game before a presidential election has had a coincidental connection to the result of said election. I stumbled across this interesting item at Snopes. Link

I will never root for the Packers.

However, I believe they are better than the Redskins, and should win, thus ending any doubt about who will prevail on Tuesday.


If it were just that easy.

There are exactly two situations that can cause me to root for the Packers.

  1. They are playing against the scum-sucking, dirt-eating, cheap-shotting, biggest disgrace ever to hit football Eagles.
  2. They are playing against GWB.

I’ll be supporting Green Bay as well. :smiley:

Trust me, I did a search but failed to come up with that thread!

Know what I love about these “Never before has…” statements? As soon as they’re said, it happens. Notice in any game when an announcer says something like “The RB hasn’t fumbled once all season!” You can bet the house that he’ll probably fumble in the next play or two. Personally, the Weekly Reader poll has been accurate far longer.

Oh, and GO PACK!!

Vikings Fan

Ohhhh yeah…been noticing that for awhile now.

It makes me want to pay off the announcers calling Giants games now to mention how good they are…errr…were doing.

NOTnot to mention… :smack:

Shit, the Foreskins deal has been going on since 1936. My bad.

Another thing with this is, in sports, you can find a correlation between a given team, and anything you want to tie it to. I often wonder what the write-up would have been all these years if the Babe were sold to, say, Chicago.

Well, balls. Checked the schedule, and the game isn’t being shown out here. :frowning:

GO SKINS! :smiley:

17-0 Pack, 2nd quarter.

I’m a 'skins fan.


20 Packers, 7 Redskins.

4th quarter, 9:39 left.

Keep it up, boys!

20-14 now. But not long to go.

Green Bay 26 - Redskins 14 :smiley:

Game over! Kerry wins!



Green Bay: 28
Washington: 14

Or, “never before has a team come back from 3-0 to win.” While it’s an amusing correlation, I’m not giving it any real weight. Mostly because there is no real reason for the correlation to exist. It just does.


Now, if only the coincidence holds…

[sub]Please! Please! Please![/sub]