God Damn You, Falwell, You Corpulent Pissant

So the Southern Baptist Convention is in town (Nashville). Hooray for them. They can do all the door to door proselytizing they want, and they’re doing a lot of it. But the good Reverend Falwell made some lovely remarks.
“The church won the 2004 elections, and don’t let anybody tell you differntly, but we have big work ahead of us because we have to deal with Hillary in '08.”
And, less infuriatingly because it’s old hat, he threw in the basic tenets of Christian belief, including creation rather than “any theory of evolution, Darwin or otherwise,” for good measure. The article is in the Nashville Tennesseean.
Soooo…lessee. Homosexuals and abortionists are responsible for the WTC attack. AIDS is our society’s punishment for tolerating homosexuality. Tinky Winky? A Godless faggot. He helped create a tape that fabricated numerous accusations against the Clintons, such as having people murdered for “knowing too much.” Sun Myung Moon? Hey, it’s amazing the friends you can make with 3.5 million bucks. Nevermind the guy claimed he was the new messiah and Jesus’s moral superior. He’s a contributor!
Sigh…now, I’ll put a few good quotes in for good measure.
“I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won’t have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them. What a happy day that will be!” America Can Be Saved, 1979 pp. 52-53, from Albert J. Menendez and Edd Doerr, The Great Quotations on Religious Freedom

“The Bible is the inerrant … word of the living God. It is absolutely infallible,without error in all matters pertaining to faith and practice, as well as in areas such as geography, science, history, etc.” Finding Inner Peace and Strength

“Grown men should not be having sex with prostitutes unless they are married to them.” on CNN’s Crossfire, May 17, 1997 :smiley:

“You’ll be riding along in an automobile. You’ll be the driver perhaps. You’re a Christian. There’ll be several people in the automobile with you, maybe someone who is not a Christian. When the trumpet sounds you and the other born-again believers in that automobile will be instantly caught away - you will disappear, leaving behind only your clothes and physical things that cannot inherit eternal life. That unsaved person or persons in the automobile will suddenly be startled to find the car suddenly somewhere crashes… Other cars on the highway driven by believers will suddenly be out of control and stark pandemonium will occur on … every highway in the world where Christians are caught away from the drivers wheel.” in his pamphlet, “Nuclear War and the Second Coming of Christ,” quoted from Ronnie Dugger,“Does Reagan Expect a Nuclear Armageddon?” in Washington Post Outlook (April 8, 1984)

Fuck you, you over-fed, self righteous turd. Without directly calling violence down upon homosexuals, you insinuate that it’s a war, that heaven will rejoice when the gay community is destroyed. You insinuate that fighting liberals is a war against Satan himself. I truly believe you condone every act of violence done in the name of your religion because you stay quiet. You are a money-grubbing slug whose trail of slime leads right back to a church built on sand. I truly believe you want destruction, not community. Christianity is a double-faced institution, with a face of love and a face of discord and violence. Perhaps one was meant to temper the other.
Or perhaps you, Jerry Falwell, are a magnificent cocksucker of truly immense proportions. You are twelve pounds of shit stuffed into an eight pound sack. I hope you choke the next time you cram something down your maw. And when you do choke, I hope you’re scared. It gives me no end of pleasure to think that righteous hatemongers such as you wonder in that last moment whether or not they were right all along. And when you go, whether it’s choking or a stroke or a massive infarction followed by the collapse of your diseased arteries, when you go and close your eyes, I hope you’re scared to death that there’s nothing there. And I fucking hope you’re right.

<stands>… <applauds> … :slight_smile:


Does this count as preaching to the choir?

Not really. As a Christian, I join in cheering the OP.

That’s what I meant: there are lots of different opinions here, but not many will disagree with this OP.

What about as a good ol’ fashioned non-denominational human being?

Bravo on an excellent OP. It captures the disgust that so many of us have for this maggot infested pile of shit.

Yes, I join in cheering those as well.

You meant “…one of those…”, right? You wascal, you.
Not picking a fight… just sayin’ is all… :slight_smile:

I believe even the maggots would not infest this particular pile.

Any mention of the church’s current tax exempt status?

I’m not trying to preach to anyone. I’m sorry if I’m giving that impression. I just need to vent. To me, Falwell is one of those people that represents religion in the extreme. Taken to its [il]logical conclusion, beliefs can grow so strong that they lead to isolation and zealotry. Some people use religion, someone’s faith in a higher power for solace and strength, as a means to power and control. It angers me. I was raised in the Methodist church and I experienced first-hand what it’s like to help and console and love. I’m not a Christian and I never have been. I don’t hate or dislike religion, I despise the people who warp a good thing. Falwell’s a hypocrite.

  1. No explanation was necessary. The OP stands on it’s own merrits.
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I’m stealing this from another Doper, but I think that we should all mail copies of this whenever the subject of “Intelligent Design” is raised before local schoolboards.


Oh yeah, Falwell’s got a colonoscopic cranium, but who didn’t know that?