God Damned Half Price Hosting

Pardon me God, but I am so damned pissed I am spitting fire.

Some of you know that I have had problems with my web host…well now I am on the rampage and willing to expose them, at least from the standpoint I have experienced.

I sure as fuck hope that this doesn’t get in their sites until I have my money back and my domain transferred, but the fucking thing is I have never had problems with a web host like I have been having with them. I have been at this for 3 years and never ran up against such bullshit in my life.

I should have known that “Half Price Hosting” also meant your site is only up half the time and that the service is half as good. BUT I let the owner’s father bamboozle me into believing they weren’t this way!

Ok, here’s the chronology:

2/07 – spent 30 minutes on the phone waiting for a sales rep, had to hang up because I had a page from a client.

Called back and waited 45 plus minutes and emailed the sales manager 2 times. Finally hung up, had email from sales manager, called him (on my dime) direct, he reassured me this is not how they do business.

02/10 – decided WTF, transfer my domain, which didn’t get transferred till 02/12, not their fault, Network Solutions is a “company” that takes forever to get things done.

02/13 – I had problems with my site…silly me, and I admit to this, screwed up the FTP protocol because it’s an NT server with FrontPage uploading…okay so I screwed up, but CS didn’t respond to my email and I replied about 10 hours later and had to call them the following Monday to figure out what the problem was.

2/15 – spent 21 minutes on hold on the phone because I could access my domain without a password, they “fixed” it in a couple of minutes.

02/16 – received an unbelievable email that stated I was “15 days past due” Ummmm, I didn’t sign up till 2/10, how is this possible. I called the billing number as noted on the email, the voice mail was full. I then called the standard 800# and only recieved a voice mail for the general billing department…tried this 3 times over an hour.

I emailed all the people I could think of, including the CEO and this is all he had to say:

Okay cool, so now my billing situtation is handled.

02/18 – that day I went to make some updates to my sight, again I can access my site with no password. Called their CS line, two times, and got help within a reasonable amount of time, so I thought.

I emailed Half Price Hosting to inform them that their tech “Domonic” was extremelly helpful and I apologized for seemingly being a pain in the butt. I received an email stating all is cool, and they understand my frustrations.

02/20 – I had emailed them 2 times to inform them that my site was down, no response. I have tried several times today and well the last time it wont come up.

SO, I informed them that I am seeking another host and that I expect them to follow their “Money Back Guarantee”
Here’s my beef, if they don’t give me back my money I will post each and every email that I sent them all over the 'net to ensure
they will be harmed as much as they have harmed me…this is bullshit…

Why the fuck should anyone have to put up with service like this? It’s damn insane I tell you!

Ouch. As a new domain owner myself, I can understand your frustrations. I’ve been lucky enough to have set myself up with a fairly competant host but there’s been a couple bumps along the way.

Might I also add that “Half Price Hosting” sounds about as trustworthy as “Discount Surgery”

“I guess one person can make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”


I own/adminster 5 domains and this is the first BS I have ever dealt with in this nature…luckily I am only 11 days now into my site and not invested too much time into creating it.

Yeah I know, I should have figured it out from the beginning…but sometimes I am too much of a believer in others till I get burned then I am the biggest nightmare they have ever dealt with…