Oh joy! Another web hosting mess!

Look what they done to ma beautiful website…

My last host seemed like he knew what he was doing, but eventually I discovered he set up my server all wrong so I didn’t have enough hard drive space constantly where I needed it, and messed up his contract with cPanel so my license for that disappeared. Eventually the server crashed when the drive was full. After waiting two days for it to be brought back up, I had to run a repair on my MySQL database to fix the damage, a repair that took almost 48 hours.

So I dumped him like a new year’s resolution (it was around new year’s actually). I signed up with Angel Networkz, a company that seemed stable enough, reportedly had a good relationship with cPanel, and was well regarded on webhostingtalk.com. Everything has been fine for a while, in fact, it has probably been my best hosting experience so far.

Until now.

I got an email last week. It jumped right into the situation without any explanation about what’s going on. The message basically said that I want to switch to having our servers managed by managed.com or TMS directly to let them know. If I want to stay with Angel I’ll have to pay one month’s fee.

Huh? I later realized that they apparently think all of their customers read their messageboard, where there were some clues at one point as to what was happening. I went there after receiving the email and found only a mighty river of flame.

So I emailed back, explaining that in April I paid for six months with the promise of six months free, so I didn’t owe until next year. I also asked the guy (someone I had never heard of named Kevin) if I could be at all confident that my server was going to stay online. He replied, “Yes you can.”

Oh good, I can be confident that my site will remain online. Shew. Now I can go about my normal slacking without worrying about a thing!

Whoops. :smack:

My site went down like a sack of dirt last night at about 1:30 AM. I naively submitted an urgent help ticket with Angel for help, which they answered at about 4:30 AM. The response?

Looking into it? Yay. She then immediately added:

I responded, too tired for civility:

Now I was pissed because I knew she was lying to me. By that time I had already emailed the company that physically houses my server, who informed me that Angel Networks was disconnected for non-payment. Reading the messages at webhostingtalk.com, I saw that the same thing happened with another datacenter the week before (which had caused the heat on their messageboard). Apparently Angel owed the other place (managed.com) something around $70,000. :eek:

Anyway, now my only hope is to get myself up and running on the host who’s housing my server by dealing with them directly. The only problem is that he says he legally can’t work with me until Angel Networkz releases me as a client, so I was told to email them with such a request. I did so, and now I stretch out and wait. I have a feeling I won’t be hearing anything until Tuesday at the earliest. :mad:

Ouch. $70,000 in debt? Bad webhost! Bad, punkass webhost!

I had a webhost once that redirected my dead links (it was a work in progress) to various “sponsor” pop-up ads. You should have seen my head explode when I first discovered that little suprise.

I ran the popup 50 times so I could catch the name of the redirect host, I researched, I looked up WHOIS accounts. I even called some of the companies who were featured in the “ads” and told them their website promotion company was boosting their hit counts in such a shady fashion. Then, I called my hosting company…only to be told that “if it bothers you, we can shut that off”. :smack: :rolleyes: Um, yeah, it bothers me, you little sack of shit. In fact, shut off the entire goddamn account, and I curse your family to boot.
Bad webhosts get their own special place in Hell.