God forgive me-more sequential threads.

I almost died laughing at the following in GQ, so I started this thread just too share it:

Why don’t religions advertise?
Do animals have clitorises?

Any additions to this list are welcome.

Will the # of REPLIES Ever Equal the # of VIEWS? -
Enter only if you intend on replyin
Don’t open Arthur’s thread, go here instead

ATTENTION! Boston area dopers
Please don’t use toilet water to wash my place, thanks

The NEW neverending story
They’re expecting!

Kids at the Movies
Having the families of the OK City bombing victims watch McVeigh’s execution…

Are kids growing up too fast today?
Should we return to the 55 mile per hour speed limit?*

“Redneck”: - Define This Term
Jeff Beck In Concert

*These two weren’t really sequential, but I couldn’t resist.