God listens............ TO SLAYER!!!!!

Really. I’m not making it up.

My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

Cool story bro.

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God listens to everything. He’s nosy that way.

God has a thing for Buffy Summers?

I can’t believe in a god that listens to Slayer. Rammstein, maybe. But not Slayer.

What god wouldn’t listen to Reign in Blood?

I mean, jeez - it was produced by Rick Rubin - God loves his work.

God loves the delicious taste of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

Link is SFW.

Is that good?

“…Christ came and taught us about love, about doing unto others. That was his preach: Accept each other for who we are. Live peacefully, and love one another.”

  • Tom Araya, vocalist/bassist, Slayer

He has the shocking ability to not have his head up his ass. Dave Mustaine, take notes!

Skimmed it, I must be missing something. But are suggesting that God might be… Canadian!?

If God was Canadian, He would refer to it as “Kraft Dinner”.


It’s funny, 'cause it’s true.

Stealing this for my facebook quote for Christmas.

“Let’s meet at my house Sunday, before the game.”
[indent][indent][indent][indent][indent] – God.

“Keep using my name in vain, I’ll make rush hour last longer.”
[indent][indent][indent][indent][indent] – God.

“Have you read my #1 best seller?”
[indent][indent][indent][indent][indent] – God.

“Life is short. Eternity isn’t.”
[indent][indent][indent][indent][indent] – God.
"I don’t exist, either."
[indent][indent][indent][indent][indent] – Satan.

You’re thinking of the NSA.

If God was a real Canadian he would refer to it as “KD”.

God wants you to wear a hat.

Chuck Shurley listens to Slayer? I’m not surprised.

In 1989, Christian talk-show host Bob Larson, who had a popular call-in radio show, spent a week on tour with Slayer and wrote about it for SPIN magazine.


The less said about what happened to Bob in the years that have followed, the better. :dubious: