Goddamn motherfuck this University!

Yeah, I’m bitching about work again. If you’re sick of this topic, you’ve been warned.
I have been vocally miserable at work for a long, long time. Last month, I submitted my resignation. My boss was able to pull the resignation letter (the HR person was on vacation) because there were plans to lay me off due to a lack of funding.

Dr. Boss thought that the funds would run out at the end of the year, so I could go on maternity leave.

They’re letting me go right fucking now! I’ll be paid my vacation time, but not sick time. No severance. No benefits. (Luckily, Mouse_Spouse added me to his health insurance after we married.)

I’ve worked here for five fucking years and they’re just tossing me out.

Fuck academics, hard. Ward Churchill wants to work here so bad, he can have my job.

Fuckers. Assholes. An embarassment to higher education and research.

Well, at least you’re eligible for unemployment now, right?

Sorry for the bad news. Being laid off always sucks, especially when it happens earlier than you were prepared for. However, you seem to be operating under a few misapprehensions here. Being laid off doesn’t entitle you to unpaid sick leave, or a severance package, or continuation of paid benefits (though you could choose to pay yourself for a continuation of your coverage under COBRA). Academia has nothing to do with it; ask your friends in other lines of work if you don’t believe me.

Before I get piled on, allow me to point out that I’ve been in the position too of losing my academic job once funding ran out on a project. Them’s the breaks, and you deal with it if you’re in the biz. If you don’t want to, you move on to a different career.

Look at it this way - having your resignation letter pulled means you can apply for unemployment now, which wouldn’t have been possible with a resignation. Life hands you lemons, make a little lemonade.

Nice. Ditch the really pregnant lady with no warning.

Shall I deliver a pineapple to their rectums for you, m’lady?

Would it be any different if they ditched a single male? What does her pregnancy have to do with it? All else being equal, should she get to keep her job because she’s pregnant?

I wasn’t expecting severance or anything extra. I’m just very, very angry. This University has plenty of money for a new hospital (that’s were the funds for my salary went), the football team, regent meetings for a hack professor, and TV ads that say “It’s not just the buildings, its the people in them.” :rolleyes:

Filing for unemployment while pregnant is bewildering to say the least.

No warning? Read the eleventy million other threads about her job situation. Anyone who reads these boards knew that this was imminent, even if they didn’t read her threads, there was so much information floating around here that you would absorb it through osmosis.

Which is totally better than a pineapple up the rectum. I’m guessing.

Alright then. Does anyone object to me delivering the pineapple?

Absorption by osmosis: Better Than a Pineapple up the Rectum![sup]TM[/sup] What a slogan!

Ah, that’s not so bad - it’s the removal that sucks.

Great, now they tell us.

I’m so sorry they have been such jerks toward you, Mouse_Maven. I know now that I will never ask your particular university to perform contract research for my award-winning program of murine research.

But I have to wonder: “pulled the resignation letter”? That doesn’t sound normal or legitmate. It sounds like they have retroactively erased your resignation to weasel out of paying you things that you should get, and then laid you off instead.

Am I misinterpreting something?

I assumed you were because of this line in your OP: “They’re letting me go right fucking now! I’ll be paid my vacation time, but not sick time. No severance. No benefits.” Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Unless your university is committing major financial malfeasance, and I guess that’s always possible, your salary didn’t go to any of those places. Research staff salaries can be funded by gov’t grants, and/or private money, but that pot o’ gold is administered separately from the university operating costs (already taken as indirect costs a.k.a. overhead from grant funds before your PI sees a dime).

Consider it more likely that your PI discovered that there was not enough money left to pay everyone’s salaries through the end of the year, and since you were going to leave anyway you were the recipient of the axe. Heck, it might even be why he pulled your resignation letter - so you could at least get unemployment if you weren’t going to get your salary.

Why? You’re entitled to it. Go ahead and apply.

The funds from my salary comes from the children’s hospital my PI works for. (He’s an MD/researcher.) Since they’re building a new hospital, money that typically goes toward research is going to construction.

How money is administered differs from U to U. Here, the U takes 55% of a grant to cover “facilities & administration.” The rest of the funds, the PI has to use and manage to pay for tech salaries, animal costs and supplies. I have seen many a PI get into trouble because they weren’t watching their grants close enough.

I’m pissed. I posted a poorly thought-out rant. I’m taking my copy of Molecular Biology Made Simple and Fun and going home.

I’m convinced this is how administrative minds think. “We need to make the university marketable as a brand.” Meanwhile, they neglect or flat-out ignore the things that might actually make going to the place worthwhile, like actual academics and research.

IIRC, she let them talk her out of resigning. Which was met with much WTF?!-ness here on the Boards.

Well, the good news is that now we only have to hear about your pregnancy in every post instead of how much you hate your job. :rolleyes:

Was there a big to-do at some point about a private donation to the hospital? Is there going to be a new wing or something named after somebody? If Rich Joe Blow forked over megabucks to put up a new building, the hospital can’t arbitrarily decide that it would rather float the salaries of the research staff instead. You’re free to feel irked by that, but that’s the way it goes.

It would be a different story if your PI’s research is directly funded by the hospital from unrestricted funds, which is possible but seems highly unlikely. Privately-donated research funds are usually earmarked for specific items (“I want to donate $100K for cancer research because my father died an untimely death from it”), and they wouldn’t be shunted into infrastructure costs. You may have been told otherwise, but then I’d suspect someone is engaging in CYA maneuvers.

Every U will take overhead (by any name) on grant money from outside sources, like an NIH grant (I assume NIH since it’s medical research). The only thing that varies from U to U in administration of federal funds is the percentage, which is negotiated by individual U’s and depends in part on which accounting method is adopted. The “how” is pretty strictly regulated, lest the U find itself the subject of audits and blacklisting from all future fed funding, which would obviously be A Big Deal.

Yeah, sometimes it can be confusing to follow the money, but my bet is still on your PI’s money management skills, and not on anything your U and/or hospital are doing.

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