Godzilla Verues The Hulk

Godzilla–giant radioactive dinosaur. Destroyer of armies, scourge of nations, voice provided by playing a recording of a lion’s roar backwards.

The Incredible Hulk-- superhumanly strong radioactive titan. “The angrier Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets!” Destroyer of armies, scourge of nations, speaker in the 3rd person.

Both are possessed of mighty strength, limitless rage, and a capacity for violence that rivals that of Sean Penn.

Both thrive on radiation.

Both have sucessful movie careers.

Both are unleashed, to fight to the death in Seattle, Washington; home of Microsoft, which deserves all it gets.

Who wins?

Are we talking about the latest movie incarnations of each? Because it seems like the newest Godzilla was much less fearsome than before, but Hulk got beefed up in the invincibility and jumping departments.

Is there a limit to the Hulk’s strength? Or does it increase forever? If there’s no limit, then I’ll give it to the Hulk. Godzilla would keep trying to step on him, but he’d just get madder and stronger and start punching chunks of Godzilla-meat out of his giant foot until there’s nothing left.


Godzilla–classic 50’s version.

Hulk–big green dumb goober from the Marvel comics of the 70’s.

Does S.H.I.E.L.D. factor in, at all? They’ve had experience fighting both.

Anyway, here’s a couple of different sites about our favorite Kaiju.

And I’ll say that Godzilla has a chance at victory vs. the Hulk…if he can incinerate him before he’s gotten angry/invincible enough. (And assuming that the Hulk doesn’t just leap out of the way.)

Or, if Godzilla kills Bruce Banner before he transforms.

Just mano 'a mano !

THIS is the Godzilla I’m talkin about!

The Hulk, if prepared.

(He’s got pants)

No, I’d daresay Godzilla could just step on him, and then breathe a little fire. Works every time…

Obviously, you’re not familiar with the film Bambi’s Revenge in which Bambi survives a stomping by Godzilla via a large hat pin.

Actually, I am.

i was counting on the fact that Godzilla would have learned his lesson and put on some shoes, and maybe developed his tactics a bit.

Perhaps the fire breath comes first.

No, the latest movie incarnation of Godzilla is this dude, not the pansy-assed overgrown iguana wanna-be from here.

ButTHIS is the Godzilla I’m talkin about!


Yes, but Johnny Bravo was referring to GINO as “the latest movie incarnation” of the Big G, and I just had to set the record straight.

Besides, Godzilla 2000 is a great movie, especially since the whole thing is a slam on Devlin and Emmerich’s two big cinematic sci-fi works. It’s not Godzilla vs. a Space Rock, it’s Toho vs. Two Hacks From America! :smiley:

Agreed, but that particular Godzilla ain’t got a dog in this fight.

Hold it! Emmerich’s German! Devlin’s a 'Merkin, so you’re half right (and completely right about the “hack” comment).