GOG.com promo for the govt shutdown

GOG is running a promo for the US govt shutdown, 50% on certain games.

As a special bonus, if you’ve actually been furloughed, you can get the games for free.

That last twist of the knife is the best. :smiley:

I’d been waiting for a big sale on SMAC, now that it’s available for Mac.


Thanks for the heads-up, Terminus! I finally got Alpha Centauri, and for just $3!

Yeah, I saw this and snickered quite a lot.* “Showing you how government works, in case yours doesn’t!”,* indeed.

I got furloughed, but I didn’t get a letter (I’m a contractor, so I’m not getting back pay either). I don’t have Windows anyway.

Seems to be gone/over now. Or at least the page no longer loads and I can’t see a way to it from the main page.

No big deal to me – mainly wanted to share it for amusement value.

The thread with the announcement is still up on their general forum though if anyone wants to read it, it’s fairly amusing.

OK, this is frustrating. Just bought a new game, obviously I want to try it out, right? Except I can’t.

See, I’m currently in a Civ III game, and I’m in the modern era, so obviously I need to finish building the spaceship and launch it before I can play Alpha Centauri, right? And then Xerxes had to go and attack me, so equally obviously now I need to finish splattering him before I can finish the game.