Going insane with attempted Gmail multiple users

And I just KNOW that the wonderful smart people have got to know how to fix this!!!

I’ve started up a fic exchange again on a site. It’s so important to get this exchange to work. The previous mods did nothing for two years, and the exchange is the key to getting people involved again. There is one account on gmail that is used for everything connected with the exchange-- prompt requests, participants emailing us, everything. It’s the same one that the previous mods used to use, and we already have a good part of the info there.

Well, the other 2 mods are not able to sign in. I keep getting “suspicious signin” emails from Google. We are SUPPOSED to be having multiple signins in this one account from other people all over the planet. How can I get Gmail to stop doing this and just let them sign in??? This has GOT to be a situation that others have experienced, but I can’t find the answer anywhere. I REALLY have to get this to work…PLEASE help.,… :frowning:

My first thought is: Gmail is not the right solution to this problem.

In order to improve security, Google tracks login IP addresses, and will flag IPs that look “suspicious.” I don’t know of any way to turn this “feature” off, and I don’t know how many unique IPs gmail will associate with an account. I know that whenever I travel and use hotel WiFi, gmail asks me to prove that I am me.

So, the solution might be to move to another email provider that doesn’t do this.

Well, believe me, I like that moving idea. The problem is that we really can’t do it until the exchange is over. I’m also going to move the fic exchange somewhere ELSE besides on LJ the next time we have it, but it’s a similar situation-- that’s where they always had it before, that’s where everyone is used to going, and all of the info is there.

And an original mod thinks she remembers the recovery phone number!!! So IF that works, great, and if not, I’ll come back here again with more unhappiness. :slight_smile:

Well, I can think of one solution, but it’ll require a bit of effort on the part of everyone who’s sharing the account. If the three of you each set up the same proxy connection, you’ll all appear to be coming from the same IP, and Gmail shouldn’t throw up any red flags (apart from the first time, anyway).

There are free public proxies of varying speed and reliability, but setting them up can be a royal pain if you’re not used to doing that sort of thing. If you’re willing to pay for something like IPVanish, they supply easy-to-use software that does the hard part for you; just select which server you’ll all be using and make sure you connect before logging into Gmail.

ETA: If any of you have a spare computer, setting it up with remote access software like LogMeIn or TeamViewer would accomplish the same thing…remote in, access Gmail on remote machine, and Bob’s your uncle. Be sure, of course, to delete any personal files before you do this.