"Going-out" clothes for fat women?

I’m a 30 yo f who is pleasantly plump and headed to Vegas soon. In my thinner days I went out a ton but haven’t recently. Any suggestions for outfits to wear at clubs/lounges? I have low standards . . . Just want to not look frumpy or matronly. Thanks guys!

Check out www.torrid.com

I have one friend who is not merely pleasantly plump, but downright obese. (5’4", 350 lbs.) For dressing up, she favors a lot of brightly-colored floaty tops and shawls, baggy palazzo-type pants and fanciful eyewear and jewellry. She always looks pretty amazing, like a ship in full sail. :slight_smile: I think it works because she flaunts her size rather than trying to hide or minimize it, which is what most larger women do.

Zipper, are those women really considered fat?

No, but good luck trying to find any fat women featured on a plus-size fashion site.
Plus-size models are definitely of a larger body type than typical models, but very rarely are they fat.
As for suggestions for the OP, it always surprises me (since it seems counter-intuitive) that fat women generally look really good wearing leggings/tights as pants. We generally think that for a fat woman to look good she should hide her figure. Still, against the age old advice, fat women often look good in leggings.

Without hijacking the thread, what’s the marketing strategy behind that? If a large woman wants to see what clothes look like on a similarly sized body, why stick them on a smaller framed woman? Wouldn’t that piss off potential customers?

I think we’re all just used to it. What am I gonna do, not buy clothes?

I shop at Torrid and I’m a size 4 or 5 in their sizes. I am huge. Their models are probably a 0 or 1 in their sizes. The 4s and 5s are usually sold out :slight_smile:

I’m a large guy and now that I think about it, it’s the same thing with men’s clothing catalogs.

I’m gone, thanks for putting up with this naive male. :slight_smile:

I always have pretty good luck at the Lane Bryant and Avenue stores if I’m looking for something dressier/clubbier. I’m also an avid thrifter, though, so I often have sticker shock walking into the brick and mortar stores!

And I have to disagree about the leggings, unless the top with them is a very long tunic, plus a bunch of other factors that may or may not work depending on the leggings and the woman.

The models might just be barely plus-sized, but they sell plenty big stuff- I’ve seen size 22 stuff bought there.

Maybe black bottom and top (a little lowcut if your bust is a good feature) and add a jacket or … longish thing … in a leopard or other animal print, some sparkly shoes, red lipstick? I’d be like, You go, Girl!
Have fun!!

Oh, and I think the catalogs depict the models that way because they can’t imagine that a woman could picture herself as any larger than THAT and retain the will to live long enough to purchase their products. They likely do focus groups and calibrate the maximum size of the model with the subject’s willingness to buy/likelihood to return when it doesn’t fit and use what works best. What I don’t understand is how companies do mailed printed catalogs in this day and age and manage to make any money. Everything is overpriced, but still!

I have seen plus-sized women do wonderful things with knee-length black leather skirts. You might think leather would be silly for Vegas but I’m sure all the night spots are air-conditioned.

If you’re going to want to ‘dress up’ one night, I’d recommend Igigi for their gorgeous dresses.

Also, if you want to see clothes modelled on proper fat bodies, google something like “Igigi dress review blog” and then you’ll find something like this: http://authenticallyemmie.com/2014/06/floral-fun-igigi/

Plus size bloggers are a great way to get outfit ideas! Most of the ones I follow are UK-based so perhaps not much use to you.

Oh yeah…check out Lane Bryant’s Facebook page for pictures of actual “of size” women wearing LB clothes.

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that blogger has a very interesting clothing directory here. mostly plus size but not all.

thank you for posting that!
and I sent you a PM

Plus sized models are usually just Amazonian- tall and large boned. They still have a proportionate hourglass figure. I wish they would have some apple and pear shapes. But clothes don’t hang well like that. They just want it to look good on the model so it will sell. They don’t care to show how it looks on their customers.

Leggings: no matter your size, thin leggings do not flatter if you have lots of rolls and dimples in your thighs, not even black ones.

We’re just lucky to find clothes that fit.

If a brand sells all size ranges, their catalogs and advertising will feature the size that photographs the best, and is their largest group of buyers. Historically, the younger the woman, the more she spends on clothes. Younger are on average thinner.

I buy from some very reasonably priced plus sized catalogs. Roman’s, Woman Within.

I can also recommend the Avenue,Lane Bryant, and Catherine’s.

What continues to baffle me is the quantity of horizontal stripes being offered in plus size shops. How many decades have we been preached to by the fashion gods that horizontal stripes make you look wider! It’s just stupid. But we have to buy them occasionally because there’s just not a huge offering. I wish they would just turn the stripes vertical. Sheesh!

Wrap-style dresses and skirts are your friend.

And little black safety pins are their friends.

I haven’t ordered from them yet - but ASOS’s Curve/Plus Size line seems to have appropriate for clubbing clothes.