Going to Monkey Island - What Am I In For?

The other day I noticed that Jeff Bezos was pitching Taco Bell now. Times must be tough over at the big A, so I thought a early Xmas order was called for to help the big guy out.

Well, I always have to add a few things for myself. So in addition to buying the Special Edition of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I noticed that they had the first three Curse of Monkey Island games in one package for a measly fifteen bucks. The reviews sounded great, so I ordered it.

My question: Any dopers out there been to Monkey Island? And those that have, is it any good?

Oh my gosh yes! Too funny. I never owned any of them myself, but a friend did. Great games. I don’t remember which was which even, but I liked 'em all. Definitely worth your time. I think #2 was probably my favorite. Enjoy!

The Monkey Island series includes some of the best computer games EVER MADE, in my opinion. Lucasarts truly understands how to make a great game, and they’ve been doing it for 15 years.

Monkey Island is the rockin’ist gamey stuff ever. Funny, funny, funny and not that kinda freaky-hard, spend 13 hours finding the right lever in the right combonation sorta thing. Highly recomended by me. (Where did you get the combo pack? I need to get some MI of my own and stop squelching off my brother!)

Beware the Demon Chicken.

I predict you will die a not-so-horrible death.

Right here.

My games should be sitting on my doorstep as we speak. I can’t wait to play. I loved Grim Fandango, also by Lucasarts.

Hilarity Hilarity Hilarity

In jokes, jabs at themselves, jabs at their company, extremely bad puns, pirate jokes, Gary Coleman (yes he was a voice in it), jokes at the expense of you buying the game, and even jokes at their previous games in the sequals.

And a darn fun adventure too.

Have fun, the monkey island series as well as most Lucasart adventure games are gems.

Oh and if you have not, PLAY SAM AND MAX HIT THE ROAD

Sam & Max!

“I’m not a rabbit, i’m a depressed lagomorph!”

“world’s largest- <snip> second largest ball of twine!”

Monkey island One, Two, and Three!

“Look! it’s a three-headed monkey!”

insult swordfighting and voodoo!

ah, the memories…

I had a Sam & Max quote as a sig for quite awhile…

“Do you mind if I drive?”

“Not if you don’t mind me clawing at the dash and screaming like a cheerleader.”

And the quote, “Weird. Creepy.” has become part of my siblings’ lexicon…

While were discussing LucasArts Adventures, don’t forget Maniac Mansion 2 (Day of the Tentacle) and Full Throttle

[after kicking in a locked door]

“I fixed your door. It was sticky.”