Help me with monkey island!!

Ok, first a disclaimer, I don’t normally go to open forums with questions about computer games, but this has me REALLY FRUSTRATED!

I played through Escape from Monkey Island when I first bought it, up to the Monkey Kombat section of the game. Couldn’t figure it out and got bored so shelved it. A few months later (now) I reinstalled and played through up to the Monkey Kombat section again. I FINALLY figured out how it works and beat it, but now I’m stuck at getting Herman Toothrot’s memory back. He keeps saying the same thing no matter what I throw at him. I read on a walkthrough that that’s a bug and you have to go to an earlier save game. But it’s a Lucasarts game! I don’t have an earlier save game! I downloaded the patch but it didn’t fix things, and Lucasarts website seems to be down for the moment, but I REALLY don’t want to play through the entire game again and re-learn monkey kombat. If I can’t figure out a way around this friggin’ bug I don’t think I’ll bother finishing the game. I want to, but not enough to play it through a third time.

So, after a long winded question: anyone got any help??

Eh, never mind. I got sick of the whole thing and downloaded a save game at the end.

Wow. What a shitty ending. Even worse than 3!

Oh well. Mods feel free to delete this thread. Or ignore it. Whatever.

How many stupid threads am I allowed to start before I get banned? :slight_smile:

try they have walkthroughs on everything practically.