Monkey Island 5 announced(and a bonus game!)

In this other thread:

I loved Monkey Island

It was pointed out that a new Monkey Island game is coming out. It’s episodic download episodes, but pretty much constitutes a new Monkey Island game.

I thought news that brings this much joy deserves its own thread.

The Good News:

  1. Same voice acting and most of the crew from previous MI’s.

  2. They also redid the original Monkey Island with improved graphics and voice acting.

  3. It’s quite reasonably priced.

Read about it here:

Tales of Monkey Island

See a trailer here:

Tales of Monkey Island Trailer

See a more in depth video about the production here:

New Monkey Island Game

And there was much rejoicing! Yay!


Damn. I was gonna post that.

I was just thinking that we were never going to see that promised 5th game in the series(mentioned so often in ESCAPE) because Lucasarts had long ago decided to shit all over their Adventure game fans.

Thank God For TellTale. Based on their record so far, you know it’s going to farkking awesome by the time the series draws to a close.

Hobostew, what is your job in the project? What can you tell us about what you do?


<happydance involving skeletons>