Will there be a Tales of Monkey Island 2?

Otherwise known as Monkey Island 6?

I loved Tales of Monkey Island and am curious if there will be a sequel. I know we have at least one developer of the series here on the Dope.

So, is another Tales of Monkey Island in pre-development or development?

Wow, no one has any idea on this one? :frowning:

They announced Sam & Max Season Three about the time that Tales of Monkey Island was winding down, so I expected they’d be swapping between those as their flagship products. But on the Telltale forums, they have discussion groups for Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. I have been figuring they have the staff to work on two games at one time, though that’s just a supposition. They finished Puzzle Agent a couple of weeks ago and are a month from then end of Sam & Max Season Three. So, I figure it’ll be a few months into the two already announced games before we start hearing about a new Monkey Island.

I’d be astonished if there wasn’t another series of Monkey Island, considering its popular and critical success. It would be like deciding to not make Civilization any more.

I’ve been job hunting in the video game industry lately, and Tell Tale is hiring for a hell of a lot of positions. (Not hiring me, the bastards, but that’s besides the point.) So I’m pretty sure they’re doing some major ramping up, probably to get more games into production at the same time.

Maybe, maybe not. There will be a Monkey Island 5. The Voodoo Lady promised an unbreakable 5-game contract. Voodoo never lies.

Right, but I think Tales fulfilled that contractual duty.

My wife and I have been calling Tales “Monkey Island 5” since we played it through. Despite them saying it is not the 5th full game, it was long enough and had a consistent story throughout. It basically was the 5th full game in the series.

Myself, I’m already hotly anticipating Puzzle Agent 2. I mean, I can’t be the only one who likes logic puzzles with my creepy cartoons.

I prefer to think of it in the same way that GTA:VC was not GTA4. I guess it depends on if the contract is between the characters and the developer or the publisher. Maybe if Telltale signed a new Voodoo Contract™, in blood no less, then the contract transfers over.

Maybe you can violate the spirit of the contract if all subsequent games are not given numbers, go 5 never comes out. We can only hope.

They stopped numbering after 2 anyway.


Well, my wife and I just played this again and it got me thinking. I love this game(I’d say it is one of the best Monkey games, actually).

Has anyone heard if there will be a sequel? Is it under development at all?

As a former employee of Telltale, I can tell you without violating my NDA that another season of Tale of Monkey Island is unlikely at this point. LucasArts retains the rights to the series, and at the moment they are in a phase where they are looking to develop as much of their IP internally as possible. It’s possible that LucasArts could do their own sequel to the series, but considering they were content to let it lay dormant for almost 10 years between Escape From Monkey Island and Tales, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Basically, for there to be a “true” sequel to ToMI at this point LucasArts would have to be willing to let Telltale use the license again (unlikely but not impossible), and Telltale would have to be interested in developing another game based on it (less likely than you might think, considering their limited manpower and the much greater success they’ve had with other franchises of late).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :frowning: