Going to Movies Alone

If I’m going for pure escapism, I prefer going with someone. Star Wars: Episode 1, for instance. Some movies don’t really lose anything if you turn to someone and make a comment.

OTOH, if I’m going to see something more artistic, Eyes Wide Shut for instance, I vastly prefer going by myself. Going with someone would be like reading a novel with a group of people. A great film is best savored without distractions.

Carpe hoc!

Not only do I go to movies alone, but quite a few other people do too, looking at the audience. I am a bit paranoid about being at the late show alone, but will see the 7:00 PM one (and of course, matinees) no problem.

Way back when, a now defunct movie theater had a month-long Alfred Hitchcock film festival. I got in the habit of going to the late afternoon matinee, and was fascinated to see the majority of the audience was alone, night after night.

My wife isn’t very “into” movies and my kids are too old to hang out with dad…so…I do sometimes go to the movies alone. Sometimes I get an odd look or two (especially at the drive-in), but be being me, I just ignore them. About half the time I find myself wishing that I had someone with me so that we could talk about what we’d watched afterward.

The nice thing about going alone though is that you can go see what YOU want to see with no compromising.

From time to time, I run across a married female that says “I like to go to movies but my husband doesn’t”. I sometimes think “hmmmm…if I could be sure that the woman or our respective spouses wouldn’t take it the wrong way I’d ask her to go with me”…but then I wake up and realize that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea…

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…along the same lines…I enjoy chinese food, but until a year or two ago, NOBODY in my family would eat it. So I missed out because I didn’t want to go to eat at the restuarant by myself.

One early Friday evening I had another “chinese food urge”…I went through the drill of trying to convince my wife or any of my children to try it out, but as usual, I was rebuffed. I then boldly asked my wife if it was OK if I called a mutual recently divorced female friend of ours and asked her to dine chinese with me. My wife said “OK”, “That would be nice of you”. I called and the lady was tentative and asked if my wife knew about this…I explained that she was OK with it and she accepted the “date”. We drove separately and met in the parking lot of a local chinese restaurant. We fely only mildly uncomfortable, but we quickly got over it and had a nice meal. Thing is though, that I saw soemone that knew me at the restaurant and I got the funniest look from them. I guess they thought I was sneaking around…

We finished the meal, she thanked me and we drove off our separate ways…

If only society and relationships could handle more of this sort of thing…

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Oh, how I miss the Drive-In they used to have down in Ventura. I used to love to go down there and get a feast, like stop at dominoes and get a pizza, plus some popcorn. and eat it during the span of the two movies, always plenty of friend. Sometimes I would go with a friend, sometimes not.
It closed down though. Oh, well, atleast I got to go to a drive in, there was none in Philadelphia while I grew up.
Its funny, I went thre 5 or 6 times, each and every time I went, one of the movies was good, and the other one was really bad. I thought that was such a crazy coincedence! Its not like they paired a bad movie with a good movie, it was always an old movie with a good movie.
Oh well, I will miss the drive in.



Not to rub your face in it, but this month alone I’ve been to the drive in and watched:

Big Daddy/Blair Witch

and just last weekend

Bowfinger/American Pie

I have a choice of 3 drive-ins with 30 minutes of where I live and one of them has two screens and plays 4 different movies!

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oops, in my post, I meant to say they always paired an old movie with a new movie. When I said an old movie, they were like a few weeks old.


Wow, 3 drive ins? so close? thats cool. What part of the country are you in?
That was the cool thing about the drive in in Ventura, they had 3 screens and had 6 movies. Lots of choices. Plus the popcorn wasn’t too expensive. Damn, I wish they hadn’t closed it!

Ok, lets see if my theory held up at your drive ins.
Big Daddy must have been good. (Since, I didn’t like Blair Witch)
American Pie must have been bad. (Since, I liked Bowfinger)


I liked all four, but your theory is correct a great deal of the time…

I live in Ohio.

At the drive-ins with multiple screens if they replay the first movie after the second one (usually done only on the weekend) you can actually catch 3 movies…cool huh!?

I saw Blair Witch at the drive-in and it was a replay that started at 1:15 a.m. By then, most of the patrons had cleared out and let me tell ya…it was kinda creepy…

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I’ve gone to the movies alone and not alone. The first time I went alone I thought that everyone would stare at me but when I got past that I realized that I liked it.
I also like to go with someone, if it is a date, 'cause then (usually) I don’t have to pay. :wink:

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

I remember watching “Saving Private Ryan” on a first date. I heard about the movie but she suggested it so I went anyway, even though I knew it wasn’t a good idea. And it wasn’t. It was just too much emotion to handle on a first date. I really couldn’t appreciate the movie because I was constantly wondering what she was thinking.

Anyway, I went to see the movie again by myself, a few months later, and it was so much the better.

Watching movies alone is good. Watching them with someone you know very well is better. It is so much the easier to enjoy something when you are comfortable.

The same can be said for dining. I don’t like to dine alone (in some fancy restaurant, that is) because it is simply uncomfortable and I wouldn’t enjoy the meal anyway. And dining on the first date is also the same, although enjoying the meal is not the top priority.

The best is eating with family or good friends where you can pig out and be yourself. :::burp:::

¾È ³ç, ÁÖ µ¿ ÀÏ

Mark me down as “bi” on this one.
Yes, I enjoy going to movies alone, especially ones that require close attention. No, I don’t feel the least bit uncomfortable about it.
Yes, I enjoy going with somebody, too. I like to talk about the movie afterwards. Don’t like going to movies with more than 3 others, though. Ideally 1 other, preferably female.

P.S. Thanks to all of you who understand that infants do not need to be in theaters! Also, adults with the attention spans of infants do not need to be there, either.

Obviously, it’s much better to go to a movie alone than to go with someone who hates the movie–makes it hard to enjoy yourself when you know it’s at the expense of your date/girlfriend/wife/etc.

In my single days, I went to movies alone many times, and it didn’t bother me (as long as the film was good). I sometimes still go alone, when it’s sometime my wife doesn’t want to see.

If you feel awkward, it’s perhaps from a sense of envy…seeing all those happy couples toether on dates? Maybe you should go to matinees or second run theatres, which are likely to be less crowded. You’ll probably find yourself in a theatre with several other people like you, who are there just to see a film out of curiosity or interest, not because they’re on a date.

Not to veer off-topic, of course, just wanted to let you know that situations like the one you described happen often in our circle of friends. It should go without saying that, for the most part, when Byron goes out without me or vice versa, we are with people of our same gender. On occasion (actually a little more often than that) each of us has been known to hang out, sans the other, with each other’s friends. For instance, I went to a home show with his best friend, Jeff, not too long ago and Byron has been known to take a few of my girlfriends for motorcycle rides. It’s never been a big deal for us, our friends or their spouses/SOs… just wanted to let you know that somewhere, someone is hanging out with person of the opposite sex who just happens to NOT be their SO… just so you don’t feel like you’re the ONLY ONE.

BTW, to get back on topic, I like going to movies alone, too. Often, it’s the only way I’ll get to see something I really want to see, rather than something we’ve “agreed” on.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

I haven’t done this, but mainly because I don’t watch many movies. However, one time I went to a theatre with my friends who wanted to see “There’s Something About Mary”. I didn’t, so I plopped down by myself in “The Opposite of Sex”, which I vastly preferred to the ten minutes of “Mary” that I saw at the end when I went to join them.

I also like going alone. But who cares? I was a little ashamed at first. Aside from bringing a date to a romantic movie, I prefer going alone. I wouldn’t mind going with one or two, or more, people but only so we could hang out later and talk about the film. Yesterday I went to see The Sixth Sense. I was all snug in my corner, munching on popcorn and everything was fine. I only felt a little uncomfortable at the conclusion of the movie, when all the groups filing out talked about this or that, on and on, and I had noone to talk to.

However, I did find that most comedies are more enjoyable when you go with someone. Time for a little psychology lesson here. Have you ever watched other people at a comedy club or any other place where you’re supposed to be laughing at something? People rarely laugh alone. They’ll laugh and look at their partner. Almost as if looking for verification that something was funny. Why do you laugh tracks were put to use in commercial t.v.?

Personally I love going to movies alone. Usually under two curcumstances. One, when work is really stressful, and I need to escape for a couple of hours and ‘turn off my brain’. The other is on the rare occasion when my wife and I have an argument. I find it to be a good method of cooling down.