Going to Movies Alone

I am a real movie buff, and I really prefer seeing movies at the theater than watching them on TV when they come out on video. There are a bunch of movies I want to see, but most of my friends have either seen them or don’t really like movies. I recently went and saw Blair Witch by myself cause none of my friends wanted to see it. I don’t know why, but I felt really embarrassed when I got to the theater and bought a ticket for one and sat down by myself. Does anyone else go by themselves, and do you feel awkward at all?

Since the birth of our baby girl my wife and I usually go to the movies alone since we like going to the movies, and don’t want to pay for a babysitter all the time (it can get expensive). Also, we are smart enough not to bring our baby to the theatre to disturb everybody else and likely damage her hearing.

I don’t find it too awkward, but my wife does.


You saw “The Lonely Guy” didn’t you? Take a small notebook with you when you go.

I go to the movies by myself all the time! I don’t see why it would really matter, I mean, what are you going to have deep conversation with your friend during the movie? I hope not, cuz you would be bugging everyone around you.
I the movie as a social even is the weirdest thing. You go out meet your friend, sit in a dark room for 2 hours saying nothing to each other, leave and go home… haha, ok usually its not like that, but I don’t see any reason you should be embarassed because you are by yourself.


After I split up with my ex, I saw a ton of movies alone. The first couple were a little weird, then I got used to it. Eventually, it became a “rainy day” sort of thing - if I was at home on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, I’d take in the newest movie I wanted to see. I don’t see as many movies now that I have more of a social life because those dull afternoons are few and far between. I sometimes miss it!

Couples at a movie theater are often not silent for the entire length of the film, but will whisper comments and questions to each other, or poke each other in some manner to communcate which parts they find to be funny, sad, or whatever. This can be an important factor in their relationship. A long extensive conversation is not likely, but something like “Hey, this reminds me about when XYZ. Let’s talk about it later.” This can easily be done without bothering other people, if care is taken to talk in a low whisper.

Even when the movie is purely for escapist entertainment, the type of audience makes a big difference in how the movie is viewed. In high school, I worked as an usher in a movie theater, and I was often struck by the difference between the very same movie showing at 10 pm Saturday night to a packed house, vs. 1 pm Sunday afternoon to twenty people. Hearing the laughter, shrieks, or sobbing, of the people in the audience does make a difference in how the individual perceives the movie. And if that feedback comes from a person one is emotionally close to, so much the better.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with going by oneself. But the expeience is very different.

I do it all the time, too – mostly because I like weird art films nobody else will see. Ditto for plays. I’ve never felt awkward at all, in fact I almost prefer going alone.

There is nothing better than seeing a movie by yourself. In fact, the experience is even better when the theatre is almost empty. I once saw a re-release of “2001” completely alone. It was an afternoon show and I was the sole attendee. WOW!!! For one afternoon, I was a Hollywood bigshot in the screening room. No distractions from other patrons, no worrying if people were looking at you funny, just smooth movie satisfaction.

Now I have to become a billionaire so I can build my own private screening room.

Back when I went to movies regularly, especially in my teens, I would always go alone. Being a movie buff and wanting to see every movie that ever came out, I would actually ride my bicycle up and down steep hills at 12:00 midnight just to catch the midnight show.

I see nothing at all wrong with going to a movie alone. In fact, I prefer it that way, as I like to preserve my “personal space” and get nervous when it’s too crowded, even if the crowd consists of people I know.

The first time I went to a movie alone I did feel awkward, like I could not get a date or a friend to go with me, but as I went more often alone I got to enjoy it actually. All you have to worry about is yourself, and I find I can concentrate more on the film than if I had someone along. I still will go with friends, but if there is a film I want to see I am going to go with or without someone.

And remember, prior to the movie starting, if you hold animated conversations with invisible beings from another dimmention, you can usually get a seat with no one around.

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Another Advantage to going alone is that if you hate the movie, you can get up and leave, so that you don’t have to wast six bucks AND an afternoon.

I’ve been going to the movies alone forever, and can’t understand it when I go and see a group of like 20 teenagers together trying to find seats. Can’t they do anything alone or think for themselves? The coolest adventure I ever had was the time I couldn’t find anyone who had time or money to go to Great America with me on my day off, so I went by myself. Terriying at first, exhilirating after. YOu have no idea how great that was. You could get on the rides almost right away because they’d need to fill a single seat; there was none of the “What do you want to do next?” timewasting; I did everything I wanted in my own sweet time, and left when I was tired and ready to go. SWEET! I miss that sort of thing now that I’m married. Hubby can’t understand why I’d actually want to do something without him. Brother!

Yah, when I was single, I used to go all the time. My desperate-to-be-married roommate couldn’t figure out how I could do it. I enjoyed it. No one to make me late for the previews (my favorite part), only one person to buy candy for, easy to find a seat. However, I did find that most comedies are more enjoyable when you go with someone.

I work in the film industry, and see films every chance I get. When I am on the road, as I am right now ( on an ancient Toshiba B&W laptop), I go when I can. I saw “Eyes Wide Shut” last night, enjoyed it totally.
Sitting in a theatre is, at the end of it, a singular experience. While I do enjoy a packed house, especially at a comedy, the film is not responding to the audience as actors are in a live theatre event. Therefore, there is no difference if I go alone or not. Either way, I am sitting there, alone, enjoying a movie :slight_smile:

      • My guy friends have families and most are police officers working rotating shifts - they hardly have time to breathe. I rarely go for lack of time, but I work 6 nights per week and take college classes during the day. Add to that the fact that I moved back in with mom so I would only have to work one job and could take 3 or 4 classes per semester, instead of living on my own in poverty with 2 jobs and taking 1 or 2 classes per semester. I can’t find too many interested women right now! - MC :stuck_out_tongue:
  • (not that I blame them)

B.C. -Before child, when my husband was a work a holic (20 work days) I use to hit alot of movies by myself. Even before I met him, I hit a lot of flicks by myself. When you go by yourself there is no haggling or negotiating of " I’ll see Blair Witch with you if you watch Muppets in Space with me"

Well, I do go to movies alone if I can’t find someone to go with me, but I admit that it does make me feel kinda uncomfortable (at least until the lights go down) so I don’t do it often. And I never would go alone to an evening show, where it seems it’s all couples or groups of people; I go to matinees alone, though. The bottom line for me is that I would never allow the fact that I couldn’t find someone to go with me stop me from seeing a movie I really wanted to see – but I’d rather go with someone else.

I don’t see why people don’t like to go to the movies alone. It’s sort of like going on vacation alone. You just need to be ready to amuse yourself during the deadtimes.

For example, if I get to the movies early, I try to bring the newspaper with me to read while I wait for the movie to start.

Sometimes I’ll go with somebody, but sometimes by myself. But I’m not going to let the availability of someone else determine what movies I can go see.

I had to go to * South Park * all by myself because my wife thinks the cartoon is moronic. She wouldn’t even let me take my 2-yr old son. (sniff) :frowning:

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