Going to pick up a starving horse

Not for me - this poor guy was listed on Craigslist. A group from the Chronicle of the Horse message board got together to bail him out, find a foster and a permanent home and a small trust fund to get him started on his way to recovery.

People both suck and are wonderful.


Poor baby :frowning:

Glad people are helping

Good god. I saw that thread on COTH a couple days ago, and as much as that place makes me roll my eyes sometimes, it’s things like this that make me appreciate it. Bless you for helping out.

Hugs and brushings for the hoss from me.

Oh, poor guy! Thank you so much for helping him out.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse that thin. :frowning:
Good for you for helping, StGermain.

Can’t open the picture at work, but I am so glad you are helping him. (((hugs))) to you and the poor horse.

Wow, awful picture. Poor thing.

I can’t help but wonder if they’re actually paying these idiots $800 to rescue him. Crazy that these people would post this photo like there is nothing wrong here.

Renee - We paid the hillbilly $300, which is probably 3 times what he would go for to the meat man, only the meat man wouldn’t take a horse that thin.

EmilyG - Last year that group rescued a horse that was so weak the seller had her in a chain hoist holding her upright.

saje - COTH frustrates me mightily, but there are some great folks there.


Good on you for giving this poor fellow a fighting chance.

Hard to believe the previous owners would just blithely post a picture of a horse in that condition.

You are the wonderful that takes away some of the suck so thank you, StGermaine, that poor guy desperately needs some TLC and groceries. I’ll head over the CotH for the details, but the audacity of that guy thinking he should get money instead of jail time amazes me.

Is there truly nothing else that could be done? No authority that this could be reported to?

Probably not, services for animals are terrible in TN from what I remember.

I hope the poor thing will recover.

[edit] I just worry that this person could easily do it again if they receive no punishment.

How’s this guy doing, St. G?

They’re refeeding slowing, but he already looks much improved! he’s getting a slow, steady stream of alfalfa and no grain yet - easing him back into it. He’s being giving small amounts of turnout and is active enough now that he doesn’t really like to be caught, but he’s a sweet boy.


So… You went to see a man about a horse?