Going to see Cabaret

…in East Lansing…on the same day OSU plays MSU. :smack: both nationally ranked teams.

The auditorium is within spitting distance of the stadium,and though the game time is TBA, I expect it will be an early afternoon start,the play starts at 2pm.I have never been to a big college game,been to Central Michigan and Ferris State games and that is hectic enough.How much extra time do ya think I should allow for traffic and all that jazz? (i live about two hours north of East Lansing)

Btw, just saw Mamma Mia down there yesterday,it was great!

*Not sure where to put this thread,here,CS,or the game room.
Can I put it in all three?

I moved your thread to IMHO, with stopovers in The Game Room and Cafe so MSU fans and others can comment on what kind of traffic you can expect. Four forums might be a record for a non-joke thread.

FTR – “All That Jazz” is from Chicago – a completely different Fosse/Kander & Ebb collaboration. :wink:

Yeah,but I’m going to East Lansing.