Golden Globe Noms. announced, Pixar to win another

For Best Animated Feature:
Ratatouille v. *The Bee Movie * v. The Simpson’s Movie

Anyone don’t doubt that Pixar wins walking away? The Ratatouille script was probably the most original story put to screen this year.
The Bee Movie? Dreck with a big name attached.
The Simpson’s Movie? At best, this should have been a 2-hr. TV special. Nothing new here.

Ratatouille is absolutely charming. I haven’t seen Bee Movie, but the oversaturation of Jerry Seinfeld’s promotion is enough to make me root against it.

Amen! It was actually the answer to a Wheel of Fortune puzzle last night! I immediately screamed, “Jerry! You’re even whoring on Wheel of Fortune!”

Made the cats jump…