Golden Globes: questions

Why does the best film/comedy category include three films (out of five) that are not comedies?

Why did the sound cut out occasionally when it clearly was not to bleep out bad words?

What did Gervais say to Mel Gibson? It began with “What the fuck…?”

Why did Gervais think making transphobic jokes was a good idea?

Sound cutting out is to censor. Gervais said " What the fuck does ‘sugar-tits’ even mean?" Referring to one of Mel’s more famous interactions with law-enforcement.

Because the HFPA hired him specifically because he would say outrageous things that would offend people but would also draw ratings and attention to the event.

Yes, some of the muting was for language, but I was asking about times when it appeared to be straightforward stuff – announcing the nominees in a category, for example. Surely the announcers weren’t saying anything censor-worthy then.

The nominees were The Martian (the winner), Joy, Spy, The Big Short, and Trainwreck. Spy and Trainwreck are the obvious comedies. The Big Short is a movie I’ve seen described as a comedy/drama, which is fitting in my opinion; it is a about a serious subject but there are a bunch of laugh out loud moments. It’s not too much of a stretch for it to be there. I haven’t seen Joy, but it does sound more dramatic. I’m guessing it’s partly there because the last two movies David O. Russell directed, American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, were both nominated for Best Comedy/Musical and American Hustle won. And while it’s a drama, it’s about a woman inventing a product that’s sold on TV, a much lighter subject that a lot of the other movies out this year, so more competitive in Comedy/Musical than Drama. The Martian is stranger, because while it does have Matt Damon being pretty funny at points, and it’s not as heavy as you’d expect it to be considering it’s subject, it is not a comedy. But sci-fi has always had a harder time winning Oscars, so getting it to win a Golden Globe gives it a bit more momentum, and the studio thought that they’d have a better chance in a less competitive category.

There’s always strategies to what gets nominated in what category. The studio can submit their film for nomination for Drama or for Comedy, so studios sometimes pick Comedy if that seems like the film will have a better chance for nomination and winning. Same thing happens for acting roles, where sometimes you’ll see someone nominated as Best Supporting Actor or Actress when they are clearly one of the main leads.

Because he’s a comedian who believes there are no sacred cows which must never be joked about. And he’s right.

He posted the following before the awards:

“Better get dressed and offend some humourless cunts I suppose.”

When Gervaise gets hired to host something like this it is with full knowledge of what he will bring to the night. It will be incredibly awkward and offensive, and a lot of people find that very funny.

The comedy TV was even more of a stretch than comedy movies. Mozart in the Jungle maybe drew a wry smile once per episode, but I don’t think I laughed once in the current season of Transparent. I don’t thin there any lines designed to draw a laugh. Most of it was downright grim.

Do the winners really need to act surprised? I mean if you’re ________ in your first major role ever, winning your first award ever, go ahead and gush your little heart out. When you’re Kate Winslet, do you really need to ham it up with your clearly well-rehearsed act?

I didn’t watch the show, so I don’t know how rowdy the crowd was last night, but is it possible there was background cussing from one of the drunk stars in the room?

And when you know in advance that you are getting an award, would it kill you to remember your speech and reading glasses? WTF Denzel? Did they give it to him because he has early dementia?! So disappointed.

God, yes, that was embarrassing.

Almost as embarrassing as Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum and the bear head.

“Hey I know…I’ll find a bear costume and say I’m the bear from Revenant”
“Hilarious! What do plan to say?”
“I dunno…I’ll wing it.”

Bad idea.

What the hell was that thing Jamie Foxx tried to do when presenting for best score? Without opening the envelope, he jokingly announced Straight Outta Compton as the winner, and then apologized profusely. (He then displayed the envelope, showing The Hateful Eight was the real winner.)

I get that it was supposed to be a joke about Steve Harvey’s mistake at the Miss Universe pageant, but it seemed stupid and rude to take attention away from the real winner.

I didn’t get the joke at the time, so it was even less funny for me.

It had potential – I liked “Thank you for taking a chance on me - I’m just a two-year-old bear from the Sierra mountains…” and at least it wasn’t haltingly read from a teleprompter but yeah, overall a miss. Priceless though for the looks on Jane Fonda and her boyfriend:

Sound cuts out because wireless microphone systems are fragile things. Temporary interference on the transmission frequency, loose connection, failing battery, on/off switch not fully switched, etc.

As a former audio tech, I can tell you that audio people would be much happier with big, fat microphones on fixed stands and cables all over the stage.