Goldman exec for Treasury

The swamp-draining continues: :frowning:

Make America Great Again.

I can’t remember who joked about Goldman Sachs having sleeper cells in the government, but it seems about right.

Do ever get the feeling that you’ve just been cheated?

No, you just don’t get it. If someone who was formerly in the government starts working for Goldman Sachs to lobby on the company’s behalf, that’s unacceptable. But if you take a GS executive and just put them in the government to implement their preferred policies directly, that’s perfectly fine.

I’ve said it before, Donald Trump isn’t going to remove the influence of money on public policy, he’s just cutting out the middleman.

Yessiree, it was such a BIG deal that Hillary got paid to speak to these people. What an outrage that was! Far better to just hand them the keys to the treasury.

I will say that the Treasury Secretaries that we have gotten from Goldman haven’t been the worst bunch. Fowler, Rubin, Paulson, and Summers have gone from GS to Sec Treasury, and none of them were anywhere near as bad as, say, Andrew Mellon (1921-1932) or the unfortunate John Carlisle (1893-1897), a man so disliked for how he ran the Treasury department that he was egged while giving a speech. In his hometown. And Paulson, for his handling of the 2008 financial crisis, might even be considered a “great” SecTreas.

Oh, good.

The larger point, which has been normalized away to nothingness, is that Trump could appoint first-rate people to every position while still choosing very conservative, liberal-terrorizing candidates.

He hasn’t. He’s chosen fringers and loons and whack jobs and fourth-raters for every single slot; not people who will run those agencies Reeeeepublican style, but often barely know what the agency in fact does. People who are as clueless and filled with nonsense about that job as he is about the Presidency.

So picking someone from the financial field who migh actually know what the Treasury Secretary is supposed to do and empowered to do, but is from the stinking bowels of the 2008 crash and its causes, is not exactly something to celebrate.

I agree with the overall sentiment you expressed, and it is odd that Trump just nominated somebody whom he sued back in 2004, but just because the guy is from Goldman Sachs doesn’t mean he’s the devil incarnate, at least for this position. That’s all my point was.

However, this guy… he sounds like another person getting an Administration job because it’s easier to deal with all those pesky lawsuits and potential criminal sanctions when you’re the one making the rules. You know, like his new boss, Donald Trump.