Good appointment with the cardiologist today!

I had some kind of “idiopathic” cardio-event that nearly took me out in April of 17. I felt better as soon as they took me off the ventilator (!). I had my latest checkup with the cardiologist today and things look good. I had a treadmill stress test with the radioactive stuff injected in your veins about a month ago because the cardiologist thought he might be missing something and we discussed that. No blockage. He said I could stop taking another of my meds if I wanted, to see if it helps with the side effects I’ve experienced. Blood pressure good.
Mundane, pointless but I feel good and wanted to tell somebody. So y’all is it.
Yes I’m celebrating with salty food and alcohol. Off work until Monday.

I met with my cardiologist today, too. I told him I was going to run in the Spartan Super, and he said not to overdo it…