good band names

What percentage of thread subject lines on this board would make good band names? My recent favorites would be Topless in Ontario and My Dog Just Died. Wait… They sound pretty good together too. Any takers?

The Nightly Cricket Invasion

Bone On Demand!

Big, Expensive Ad

This is only part of the thread title, but I could see quite a bit of controversy swirling around the band that chose this for a name:

Tom Cruise is Gay

**Rotten Lousy Oral Cancer ** has a nice ring to it.

Root-weary vagina!

Knap My Flint
Penis Ensued

One more vote for The Nightly Cricket Invasion and Bone on Demand.

Here are some thread titles and parts of titles that practically scream band name!:

Kids in the Restaurant
Mental Illness and the College Student
Spam Assassin
The Secret of Ann and Don
Are You a Lady?
The Queen Vitamin Hour
Attack of the Escalators
Liquid Bandages
Space Bag
Kids Can’t Swim
Annoying Noisy Noises
I Conquered the Ants
I Love Me, Vol. I
Partisan Hack

Most Powerful Acid

Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter

I liked Worst Housewife Ever, although that’s just part of the title.
Also, Make.It.Stop. and Where Is the News, America.
Welsh Looks Funny would be a great title for an album.

The Garden Gnomen