Good-bye Kharma Jean

Kharma wasn’t an easy dog to live with. She was so very smart, and always thinking. She was top bitch among the canines and she could rule with just a look. She was protective over Nick and took care of him as if he were her own puppy.
She was talkative, with a huge vocabulary. She could say ‘I love you’ so clearly she could be understood by someone on the phone. She would tell me NO, loudly and distinctly, if I asked her to do something she didn’t want to do. When I talked to her, she talked back with roos and woos, imitating my intonation.
She was my wild child, my roughneck, always ready for a game. She loved everyone, never met a stranger. She loved eating snow. She was free with sloppy kisses any chance she got. She earned the nickname Worm as a puppy, carrying it all her life, because she wiggled constantly.
I don’t know how I’m going to face coming home at night and not having her sing to me. How do I wake up in the mornings without her laying next to me?Who will I sing ‘Karma Chameleon’ to? Who will be Nick’s guardian now?
No, she wasn’t an easy dog to live with, but damn she was fun. I’ll miss you forever Kharma Jean. Till we meet again.

She lost her battle today with degenerative mylopathy, which is essentially ALS for dogs. Her mind was sharp as ever, but her body just gave up.

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I’m truly sorry for your loss, PapSett. Take some time (all you need), let the shock recede (it will), and get yourself a rescue dog. We lost Gracie this past Columbus Day; last Wednesday we brought home Lizzie from the Humane Society–I don’t know how it happened, there’s just this incredible extra K9 taking over the house as we speak! And this can happen to YOU! :slight_smile: Chin up, good luck.

BTW: beautiful critter.

Beautiful Gordon. So sorry for your loss. I handled the coming home and waking up emptiness by continuing to say good morning, I’ll be home soon, Mom’s home, 'night, Sweet Pea, for a long time. It helped. There’s always one pet that is super special.

I want to thank the TWO of you who replied to my post about my beloved Kharma. Over 200 views and only TWO replies. That hurts. I’ve been here for many, many years and am still invisible I guess.

Doubt I’ll be back.

I don’t know how someday I will face the passing of my dachshund Nathan. It sounds as if your love for Jean was the same, especially the sleeping on/in the bed.

It hurts like hell, I know. There will always be a hole where she was. But another dog will help make a patch in that hole.

So very sorry for your loss.

I’m sorry for your loss. Your OP made me feel like I knew her, and I’ve never met her.

I am so sorry for your loss. And thank you for responding to my thread about Lucky. Yes, we are going through the same thing… it is really tough, but I know it will get better. Here are some hugs for you ((( PapSett )))