Good bye, Mark and Brian

I am sitting here listening to the very last Mark and Brian Show. I’ve been a fan for over twenty years, and I’m damnsad that all I have to listen to every morning from now on is traffic reports and Rush Limbaugh wannabes.

Brian Phelps said that he will continue sometime in the near future via podcasts with new partner Jill Whelan(yes-the one from Love Boat).

Those guys began their show in Birmingham, AL when I was in high school. I used to listen to them every morning before school. Their show was so funny I actually looked forward to getting up and listening to them. :wink:

Didn’t they have a reality show on NBC years back?

Wait – Captain Stubing’s daughter?

Also did you listen to the show on KLOS, or a syndicated station?

Yes. Arguably the first reality show, The Adventures of Mark and Brian. They won an Emmy for it.

not that i listen to either; see if Bob and Tom get broadcast near you, it might be similar.

Their first syndicated station, KGON in Portland OR.

I just found them again after many years of not being available in my area and now it’s over. Darn it.

Bob and Tom can be funny too, but they repeat too much.

Check your PMs.

Not even close to the first reality show. That was An American Family in 1971 or possibly Candid Camera in the 1950s.

I haven’t listened to those guys since the min-90’s. They had a great run. Why did they decide to retire?

I’ve been listening to the guys since 95 or so when I was in junior high. They are the best morning show that I’ve ever found. I got to listen to about an hour of it this morning before work called me away ( I stream from the klos iPhone app) I did get to hear Brian’s goodbye but not Marks. I’m not sure what I’ll listen to in the mornings now and considering when negoations fell through with Brian I’m kind of curious what will be aired on Monday morning.

For everyone who got to listen was there any word what the rest of the group plan on doing from now on?

I always preferred Kevin & Bean.

I listened in the late eighties while in LA for college, and in the 90s via syndication.

I loved “You just can’t win” and their football bets - especially the bet payoffs. Listening to one loser trying to get a booger from a stranger - I nearly died laughing.

I was on the Mark and Brian show when I was in high school ('97 or '98, I think?). Our marching band played some tunes with Slash from Guns’n’Roses.

I was in middle school when I listened to Mark and Brian on I-95. I didn’t realize they were still together after so many years. I’m sorry I have missed out on their more recent broadcasts.

Yeah, AFAIK, none of the Birmingham stations carried their show after they left for LA and later went into syndication. I remember seeing a couple of episodes of their TV show but never really listened to them after they left Birmingham.

Yup way better show.