Good Day / Bad Day

So I’m driving home from work today in a really good mood despite the traffic jam on the freeway… can you say three day weekend? I can.:slight_smile:

Anyways, I’m listening to the drive home show on one of this planets best radio stations (K-97) and there’s a little news blip about this couple who came into an emergency room wrapped in bloody hotel towels. The man had the towel wrapped around his waist while the woman had the towel wrapped around her head. And you wonder, what on earth could have happened?

It seems they were out for a romantic dinner and the woman, being the giving sort decided to crawl under the table and give the gentleman a little. It seems that while the woman was doing her bit she had an epileptic siezure, clamped down on the man’s penis, and began thrashing left and right. The man, not knowing what was going on took a fork and stabbed the woman in the head until she let go.

This could really put most people’s bad dates into perspective.

(I tried to check if this was possibly a gag but couldn’t find anything at Snopes).

Ouch, now that would hurt… on both counts. You really should be listening to K-96, its mellower :wink:

Come on Sue… do I look mellow to you?

It’s classic rock all the way my friend. Weeks go by without me changing the radio station…