Good Freeware Games

Anyone know any good freeware games out there these days? I’ve been playing shareware and freeware games ever since I was a kid and there seem to be more coming out every year now, what with dedicated websites for people developing a game, websites that catalog freeware/shareware games, and no need to find them through Usenet or BBSes. I’ve already got a few: The King’s Quest and King’s Quest 2 remakes, the Star Control II remake, some paddle games like DX-Ball and Jardinians, Tendrils, the Ultima IV remake, Beneath A Steel Sky, Stargate Adventure, PySol, and of course NetHack. I’ve also got several games that were shareware or freeware that have been downloaded and sitting on a computer or on a floppy ever since the late 80s or early 90s like Chopper Commando, Oilcap, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, Moraff’s Revenge, and Mars.

So, anyone got any good suggestions? Any type of game is fine, as long as it sounds fun.

I keep hearing good things about Cave Story, and in fact have been meaning to check it out myself. Thanks for reminding me.

I love checking out Fun-Motion from time to time. Many of the games featured there are freeware or shareware, and some real gems can be found there, too. They’re all physics-based games, which make them fun and intuitive.

Game Giveaway of the Day is also a great place to get non-freeware games for free – but only one per day, and once it’s gone it’s no longer free. (Their parent site, Giveaway of the Day features one free application per day.)

Then there’s the Experimental Gameplay Project which features independently developed original mini-games, many of which are quite intriguing and refreshingly unique.

Some suggestions from January.

Here’s the Wikipedia listing for freeware games – it’s very sparse, but it does include most of the really good ones:

I always recommend the series by Ben Croshaw (5 Days A Stranger etc) – it’s a fantastic series of spooky adventure games that is interesting and well-written.

Cave Story is indeed awesome. As is Ikachan, Studio Pixel’s earlier game. (English version here).

And, you can’t go wrong with N, a 2d ninja-based platformer. (Download link here).

most of the games from blackeye software, like “diabolika 2” and “mean cuisine” were fun little time wasters. They also did one called “eternal daughter” that was fun metriodvania type game.

Freespace 2 is now an open source game.

Yep, and let me shill once more for the items I mention in post #10. Especially Transcendence. Yikes that game is addicting.

Another game I’ve been playing lately is 20,000 Light Years Into Space, which is kinda like a steampunk version of Sim City on Mars, where your only concern is to build steam pipes to power your Mars colony, and defend them against Martian storms, quakes, and alien invasion. So really nothing at all like Sim City, I suppose. Plays pretty fast and aggrivating, and very hard to put down.

I’ve been roped in by a couple of shareware games recently, too.

Galcon is a realtime version of Galactic Conquest (Konquest for you KDE fans out there.) Plays a little like real-time Risk, I guess. The unregistered version is very playable, and very forgiving if you go past the 3-day shareware limit. $20 gives you more map types (“missions”) and more multiplayer game hosting goodness.

Sean O’Connor’s Slay is like a watered-down Civilization without any micromanagement whatsoever. The unregistered version only lets you play one map against the lowest AI (“Very Stupid” - tee hee) but it gives you a good feel for the game. $25 for just Slay, or $50 for all his games in a bundle.

Jeez, I really need to get paid for this kind of advertising.

Spiderweb Software is a small company that makes traditional isometric fantasy RPGs- except the storytelling is outstanding, and the game maps are brobdingnagian. The games aren’t free, but all of their games have demos- and the only restriction on the demos is that two-thirds or so of the map is missing.

It can take hours of play just to FIND the edge of the demo maps; Jeff Vogel, the company’s president, jokes that some people will spend weeks completing every quest and getting every item accesible in a demo before buying the full version, despite the fact that they are clearly hooked on the game and the game maps aren’t designed in such a way that the demos only contain the areas intended to be played first.

Oh, and I too recommend the unsurpassed Cave Story. Make sure you get the english version, though.