Nice freeware games

I’m looking for some nice freeware games for my son (age 9) platformers are good, puzzle games also. Not first person shooters or anything graphically demanding, as this system won’t take it. Windows PC preferrable, but by all means suggest games for other platforms, as I hope this thread will address more than just my personal requirements.

Any suggestions?

I think you’re looking for Café Society. :slight_smile:

What is the processor and graphics card if you know it? It gives us a general idea what the system can play.

Dah! I think you are capable of giving the video processor. I just realized to whom I was addressing the question.

Blitwise has some nice games. I play Pocket Tanks all the time. The site lets you download a free demo game which is fully functional. They charge for the deluxe versions which have expansions to the basic version.

It’s only an Athlon 2000 with a very generic S3 video card - no proper hardware acceleration or anything, so scrollers and platform games are OK, complex FPS games tend not to run well (but I don’t like them anyway)

Check out the Experimental Gameplay Project. All freeware games, some strange, some a bit violent, some extremely cool. Also, Fun-Motion’s List of Physics Games contains a bunch of great games, a number of which are also freeware, and all of which incorporate the use of physics in the gameplay, which makes them fun and intuitive.

What OS are you running? I set up an old cast off to run off WIN 3.1/DOS for just this sort of thing. You don’t even need to pay for the OS anymore.

Alex-Soft has approximately 1 ton(ne) of old PC & WIN3.1 games. They even have the original text Zork, I believe.

I don’t have a linky, but last week I also found Star Control II in both the original PC format AND the 3D0 code reworked to WIN XP format (this is totally schweet, by the way) so you don’t need to run it under DOSBox.

Master of Magic (fantasy/strategy) is also available without too much looking. And highly addictive.

The machine is dual-boot XP home and Ubuntu 6.something
Kings Quest
Beneath A Steal Sky
Many of the game companies have released the earlier versions of their games series for freeware now. Some of those earlier games have demo’s that play farther than I would play too, so they’re good enough to kill a few hours, and play again in a month.

I ran across a game in Linux that had a goldfish and a larger fish that you have to maneuver though caves. It’s about figuring out how to move stuff in a logical way to get to the next room. I wish I could remember the name. Maybe somebody reading this will know.

Rockstar have the first two Grand Theft Auto games available for free download here.

Nine years old? You could try NeoPets. They have a couple hundred little Flash games, all of which are free. And playing games earns points, with which you can “buy” virtual stuff on the site, such as food for your neopet or decorations for your neohome.

Look through the site It’s a daily review of free games, mostly Flash or Shockwave (playable in your web browser) but also some downloadable stuff. Look for the tag “kidsafe” to find games that are good for kids.

The reviews are usually spot-on, and the site makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

One I played in college that I never finished: Excelsior: Phase One. It was freeware, but was bought by a small firm and is now share-ware. It’s one heck of a great game–so good in fact, I downloaded it again a few weeks ago and started playing again.

It’s one of them knight in armor games. Written well, and a very good puzzle.

Hey, I like the old DOS games.

That game’s a dead ringer for the original Ultima games. Might be a little involved for a 9-year-old though.

You want a platformer?You want N.
Quite possibly the best platformer ever made. Little ninja, running through the maze collecting gold, trying not to get killed by robots. Fantastic physics. Just amazing. Oh, and wall jumps. The game is just perfect. 100 episodes of 5 levels each are built right into the game, along with a nice level editor, and there are tons of user levels available for download. I would pay good money for this game, but its free. You can’t beat free. You must try this game.

Warning Forever is fun little shooting game that goes on forever, with progressively more complicated and difficult bosses. Totally free, and pretty cool graphics too.

FreeCiv is an open source version of the Sid Meier Civilisation games and should work on pretty much anything. It’s more a strategy game than a reflex clickfest which I always find more satisfying.

I’m a big fan of Continuum:

Its a top-down team-based spaceship shooter game…I like the Extreme Games zone best - teams of 12 trying to locate, capture, and guard all 30 flags in the arena. Its takes a lot of team coordination, different roles, etc. Easy to learn, hard to master.

I’ve been playing a ton of Dungeon Runners lately. It’s basically 3D Diablo, and the best part is that it’s free. If you pay $5.00 a month, you get stacking potions and the better magic items, but I’m having a blast just playing through it for free.

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