Please reccomend me some *FREE* games

PC Games. Title says enough. NO “But it’s only 15 rubles and you’ll get much more than that from the entertainment value and time spent on it!”, NO “It’s free, but costs 20 rubles a month to play online”, K THX

No Puzzle/Tetris stuff, so that rules anything out like that Bottle Rockets or whatever that game is you newfangled thing you young hipsters jump onto and play with all night to fill your colourless life. :wink:

Pref: 4X in Space, games with the ability to play online with people.

One of the best free online games, Subspace, now called Continuum

You could play Bionicle. It’s a lot like MYST. And there’s also it’s sequel.

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The all-time most addictive and most entertaining freeware games ever are

Truck Dismount
Stair Dismount.

They can be found at

Basically, the object is to do as much damage to a crash test dummy as possible by putting him in the drivers seat (or in front, or underneath…) of a speeding truck, or by pushing him down the stairs. The physics are fantastic, and you are guaranteed to laugh maniacally for hours and hours.

Gundbound has recently become my newest obsession, i believe the american site is America Army is a free fps made by the millitary, and there is another multiplayer fps based on return to castle wolfenstein go to and look at fileplanet for it. Finally for some good flash games try and

Drug Wars!

Nethack is an incredibly addicting game. It’s pure gaming pleasure, and pure gaming frustration. It’s POSSIBLE to beat the game, but just barely.

It will take over your life. You will soon learn to care which phase the moon is in, only because it affects your Nethack games.

A very good breakout-type game.

If you enjoy adventure games, I recommend Tierra’s King’s Quest I and II remakes. If you played the original King’s Quest games (and even if you haven’t, or never heard of them) you’ll like these two. The artwork is hand-drawn and pretty amazing, and they have music and voice packs for optional (also free) download.

The first King’s Quest game is a more or less exact remake of the original, but the second one has all new puzzles and an expanded storyline.

They’re available for free download on Tierra’s website :

They’re also making a Quest for Glory II remake that will be ready in 2004. I can’t wait :slight_smile:

That’s great! Thanks!

Very cool. Thanks! :cool:

even though its not free anymore, you can still play Crimsonland for a little while without paying and probably find a crack somewhere.

PS. that game kicks ass

Soldat (pointless, profane and violent 2d shooter) ain’t bad.


first I laughed, then I laughed more.


Funny how a few degrees to the left can mean the difference between 9000 and 40073.
Thanks for the game!