Nice freeware games

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FWWW…I used to run Subspace on an original Pentium machine with 16 mb RAM- it should run fine on any hardware thats as old as 5-7 years.


I found the Fish Fillet game. puzzle

I think you’ll like it once you look at it. It would be great for the 9 year old.

I searched and only found your post mentioning Dungeon Runners. I started playing it this weekend and am trying to decide if I’m going to get a paying account.

Are you still playing?

The Nintendo Wii has a web browser, so there are a lot of sites that developed Flash games for the Wii, but since they’re just Flash games, they should work with just about anything. There are a ton of these sites, I just Googled “wii flash” as a starting point.

I actually got a bit tired of it- it’s a pretty good game, but it doesn’t seem to have enough depth to keep me interested. I haven’t played in over a month (which sucks, 'cause I paid for that month).

Fun-Motion has a great list of physics games. Not all of them are freeware, but many are, and some of them are truly excellent and fun. My (freeware) recommendations: (All games are reviewed and feature gameplay videos)

Barrel Mania - Place objects and physics actions to guide a barrel to the goal.

Coaster Rider - Guide a roller coaster along its track without wiping out. If you’ve played the flash Line Rider game, it’s like that, only with premade tracks and better graphics.

Crayon Physics - Taking “simple is better” to extremes, this is an open-ended style puzzle game where you draw your own solutions from scratch. Or wax, rather.

De Blob - Guide a blob around in 3D and paint the town. Literally. Avoid nasties, gather bonuses, and collect little coloured men to paint sections of town a particular colour. Very addictive and mouse-based, so it’s quite intuitive.

Dodge That Anvil! - Obviously inspired by Tiny Toon Adventures, pull and collect carrots while avoiding falling anvils.

Factory Pinball - Pinball with a ragdoll character. :slight_smile: The percieved violence against a humanoid-type character (or cow, or giraffe, which are alternate characters) might not agree with your sensibilities though.

Trackmania Nations - I don’t know if this one would tax a low end computer system or not, but it’s a full-blown stunt racing game that’s spectacular given that it’s free.

Zeo Bondage - No, this isn’t an S&M game. The principle is simple: Wrap string around enough of a series of 3D block shapes to completely turn it a different colour. Sound simple? Try it and see.

I just downloaded it last night. The installer for Build 82 won’t work with my 'puter for some reason, kept tripping my anti-virus, so I had to get 75 directly from the ftp site.