Good God, will it ever stop raining in Baltimore?

I have fucking had it with this daily downpour that has been going on for almost 2 months now if not longer. We have had more rain here than Seattle, which is pretty fucking scary if You ask me. No need to wash your car, it will rain tonight and don’t even think about cutting your grass because your lawnmower whells will get stuck in the mud. We could make rice a profitable cash crop at the rate this mess is going. Never in the 24 years I have lived in this city have I seen sooo much God awful, fucking demon from the 7th circle of hell RAIN! I swear its the fault of all Maryland Catholic for praying for it all last year during the drought. If you have a drought ever, DO NOT PRAY FOR RAIN. So help me God if you do I will shove san umbrella where the sun doesn’t shine (and no I do not mean Baltimore because I know it doesn’t fucking shine here). I will tie your prayerful hands behind your back and shove a bar of soap in your mouth if you dare utter the words drought as well. MAKE IT STOP PLEASE! Even the ‘normal’ people are turning into depressive nutcases. Gads! As if there aren’t enough nutcases (including myself) in this city as it is.

I prayed for rain. God doesn’t like me, so He sent the rain to Baltimore instead of Phoenix. Sorry about that.

:: ceases prayer ::

Same thing up here in Joisey. Spent a decent part of tonight looking up & reading about French drains, because the sump pump in my basement’s having a tough time keeping up with the water table.
The tomatoes are only beginning to grow because they haven’t gotten enough sun; the pepper plants are gone, eaten by bugs or drowned, I guess, 'cause mostly they just plain disappeared without a trace.
Been in this house 4 years: drought the first year, normal the second, drought the third, and now this rain forest stuff. Sheesh.

And here was me thinking this was a thread about the Counting Crows.

Having the same issues in CT. I was happy to see the sun out for a little while today, but, alas. As I was sitting outside, enjoying my dinner, the rain drops came again, and we were forced inside to a noisy, crowded, smokey bar. I am beginning to think a little witch-doctor anti-rain dance is in order.

Rain, humidity, more rain, more humidity. Put me in cryogenic freeze and wake me when it’s over!

I also thought: ‘I know that song’. Momentarily forgot the band name, though, so thanks Loneraven.

What i love is that so many people in Baltimore, especially the news anchors and weather reporters, spent all of last year complaining about the drought and how little water we had in our reservoirs, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

And when we got what we’ve been needing for eighteen months, it took only about three days of rain for everyone to start complaining again, only this time because we had too much water.

Personally, i love these big summer storms, when the clouds roll in and the thunder and lightning start, and the back alleys start running like creeks, and you can’t cross the road without going up to your ankles in water. Of course, i feel terribly for all the people who have had their homes inundated, or who have lost their cars to the water; i don’t wish that on anyone.

Baltimore summers are awfully hot, and those late afternoon storms tend to drop the temperture by a good 10-15 degrees. I’m all for them.

Preach it, sistah! My skin is permanently prunified just from the humidity, I’m sick of it!

Just one more point.

I’ve looked up a whole bunch of websites, and according to just about every one of them, Baltimore averages about 3 inches more rainfall than Seattle every year.

For example, according to this site, the figures for the two cities are:

Baltimore: 41.84"
Seattle/Tacoma: 38.6"

The big difference is that Baltimore averages 113 rainy days per year, while the Seattle area gets 158. These figures tend to confim my own personal observations of the two cities: it doesn’t rain as much in Baltimore, but when it does rain we get more of it. In Seattle, the rainfall tends to be drizzle or steady light rain, rather than huge downpours.

Also to harp on the Seattle comparison, New York and Philadelphia also get more rain (in inches) than Seattle, so I suspect it may be close to the entire mid-atlantic region that does so. Yet people still think Seattle is so much rainer… (ok so it does get more days with rain, but more often than not, the drizzle/mist/light rain does not ruin outdoor activities)

Yup - very different rain in Baltimore and Seattle. (I moved from Baltimore to Seattle in 1990) One of the biggest differences is that it really diesn’t rain very much in Seattle in the summer, and we hardly ever get thunderstorms. No hurricanes either. Earthquakes suck, though. In Seattle, we tend to get our heaviest rain in the end of the year - November and December.

The best thing, though, is no snow. We get snow in Seattle every two or three years, and the city totally shuts down. This is appropriate, because of the very steep hills and the fact that it is usually hovering right about the freezing point so the streets freeze. In Baltimore, it snows several times every year and the city shuts down and freaks out. I grew up in Chicago, and this totally baffled me.