It is Raining in Maryland

Nice all-day sort of rain. Sometimes heavy,sometimes ligher, never really stopping. Clouds and a bit of fog. A general sense of blah. I cannot remember the last time I have seen such a rainy day.

I think I may take a nap. Maybe I will make macaroni and cheese.

It’s humid here in New York. Not raining yet, but it’s warm and the air is kind of tense, and I think it’s going to rain soon.

I don’t know, I’m getting the same rain, I kind of like it. Ever since I was really young, I’ve always liked rainy days, especially if said day was a Friday or Saturday.

Not sure how long you’ve been stateside, but welcome back.

It’s a rainy night in Maryland, and it feels vaguely muggy all over the world.

Seriously, I’m envious. I love gray, rainy days, especially if there’s a really thick cloud cover and a bit of a breeze. Rainy days perk me right up and inspire me to literature and chili.

In Islam, Heaven is a place so cloudy and overcast nothing casts a shadow. Right now it is raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock. Sigh. Time for a nap.

Damnit - it’s raining just like that in DC, but do I get a nap? No - instead, I get to walk to school for a midterm. A half-hour. In the rain! Uphill! (okay, not uphill)

The rain drove me to take my younger boy to the YMCA, where they have an indoor play place. Dave came later, with our older son, and now has them swimming. So my gray, rainy, Maryland afternoon is now my OWN.

I’m going yarn shopping.

Paul, when are you going to get down here for a visit?

That sounds like a day for Tortilla soup. Thick Tortilla soup simmered all day.

We haven’t gotten a lot of rain in St. Mary’s county, but a nice shower would be welcome. It’s in the mid-60s, but it feels warmer.

It’s 64 here, but feels cooler.

It’s an oppressively gray day here. Except for the occasional cigarette, there is just no reason to go outside today.

Send some of that this way. I can’t remember the last time Arizona had a rainy day.

Pissing, dreadful awful rain. I hate rainy days. So depressing. And with winter coming, even worse. And, I have to go to a party tonight in a long dress. It’s a birthday party for my best friend, so I totally have to go. And I will get myself and my dress wet and gross en route, I am so sure. At least Elle and her husband mix strong drinks.

I am so looking forward to a month in Florida this winter.

But is it raining in Baltimore fifty miles east?

I think it is starting to stop.

Out of boredom, I went to the vast wine cellars of the Chateau looking for the most obscure vintage. I found a bottle of California Champagne. Vintage 2000, blueberry-flavored.

This is what a rainy day leads me to.

I enjoy soggy Saturdays plenty of football to keep me entertained. The Maryland game isn’t being televised. Darn!

From Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, issue “The Anatomy Lesson”

"It’s raining in Washington tonight. Plump, warm summer rain that covers the sidewalk with leopard spots. … I’m here in my apartment watching the rain and I’m thinking about the old man. He’ll be pounding on the glass right about now … and will there be blood? I like to imagine so. Yes, I rather think there will be blood. Lots of blood. Blood in extraordinary quantities. "

Available for free download here. Great comic! Typo-Bob says “Check it out!”

And I’ve been waiting to use that quote for twenty years!

I like the rain today. Not too cold. Driving was not fun some of the time, but I got home OK, and I’ll dry off. I’ve seen rain like this on camping trips. At least today I get to be indoors.

I need a phone call…

it was misty and spitty all day in philly. until an hour before the world series game was to start. it has been pouring since 7ish.

good timing!