Good News / Bad News.

Been stressing lately mostly due to work related politics and associated level of uncertainty. The dust settled today and I’m suprisingly relieved.

Bad News:

I’m not going to be the new organization director. They selected someone from the outside. I’m disappointed but as I complained earlier in various threads, the odds were against me and culturally this may not be the right fit for me in the long term.
Good News:

The CIO is creating a new senior level position for me. Not director but certainly high profile with a clear mission and objectives. Something I can definately live with and continue growing professionally. Unless things change for reasons beyond my control, I’m told to look for an official offer in the next 4-8 weeks.
So I’m good. :slight_smile:

I sense the winds of change. I hope it’s not a hurricane.

Good News

It appears that my car’s inactivity (after having replaced the battery) is due to a blown 80A fuse and not a damaged alternator.

Bad News

This still leaves me stranded at work today, 35 miles from home, with no ride (as of yet). I also don’t know when/how I’ll be able to get this part so my car doesn’t spend its third overnighter in the parking lot here.

I’m glad you got the new position (or will), Quickie, but I’ve been reading all your threads about how much it sucks for you where you work. I really really hope this helps the situation. Good luck!

Cheers Anaamika! :slight_smile:

I think it’ll help. That which does not kill us, etc…

You’re a Brit?

Canuck. But I’ve picked up some bad habits along the way by associating with the wrong sort.


…missed my oppotunity to ask you if being a Brit makes it more or less likely to get a shag.


More likely.


But us Canadians spell like the brits and say “about” really funny… listen…

Abooot… Abooooot… see?.. Aboooot Dammit!

Not all Canadians, just the Ontarians. Well, and the Newfies. Congrats on the job, anyway! WooT!