Good thoughts needed for fellow Doper Watcher of the Skies

My brother, Watcher of the Skies is gravely ill. He never had time to post as much as he wanted to, but dammit, he loved this place. Thoughts, prayers, goats, whatever you got would be gratefully accepted. He’s far too young for this shit. :frowning:

I will think of him then.
Good luck to the both of you. :huggles:

Good thoughts going his way.

Goats are on their way, along with good wishes.

Sending best wishes.

May I ask what he is ill with? (Of course, if you’d rather not discuss it that’s totally OK)

I’m so sorry. I wish him and you the best of luck.

I’m really sorry to hear that he is ill- please send him our best regards.

Best wishes! Wish I could send a goat, but I am all out.

Sending my best wishes to you, your brother, and anyone else who knows and cherishes him.

I will definitely keep him in my thoughts, and wish all of you and yours the best.

Good thoughts heading his way and your way too.

Hug for you, prayer for him

I’m going out to goat BBQ soon, and I’ll dedicate the goat to him!

Times two.

I remember your brother – one of the few threads he did participate in was the “a” thread.

Both of you – and everyone else caught up in this painful situation – are in my thoughts and prayers.

May whatever gods there be, be with him and your family now. Sending healing thoughts his way.

No prayers or goats here, but good thoughts headed your way. Best of luck and well-wishes.

All the best to Watcher of the Skies, koeeoaddi and family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Oh, and no goats? I’ll send Lulabelle home. :Baaaaah: :clank clank, clank clank:

Sending best thoughts and prayers (yes prayers) to you, your brother & family. The dogs are tossing in some Setter kisses & Pappy hugs, too.

I’ve stickied the thread and added Watcher of the Skies’ handle to the title.