Good to go!

My company took advantage of a Pfizer health fair and sent a bunch of us for free health screenings.

I had the following tests: bone density, blood pressure, BMI, and cholesterol test. Clean bill of health on all fronts! The doctor even said my BMI of 25 (optimum is 23) was good. I was like, Um, I still have a little way to go, Doc! The high end of my healthy weight range is 144 pounds. I weigh 148 right now. The only disappointment that they didn’t have the calipers for the BMI. But whaddaya want for nuthin’? Rubber biscuiiiiiit!

It was nice to get confirmation that two years of gradual healthy lifestyle changes are working.

A co-worker of mine is a thin, beautiful Philipina. She got the news that she has dangerously high cholesterol… Turns out she hasn’t seen a doctor in five years. I would guess she’s in her late forties. Eeek!