I need to make a site that looks good (no ad bars) and is free. I will pay money later for the site but need to get it up as soon as possible. I need it to be a .com or .org or .net and not a type of thing. Any ideas???

Since “good” is not an objective criterion, you’re looking for opinions here. Therefore, the appropriate place for this thread is our “In My Humble Opinion” forum.

I am asking a General Question. I want to know if anybody knows any good host sites. Do you people have anything better to do than freak out and move posts, especially appropriate ones.

The only free webhost I know of that doesn’t have ads is (your site would be but (1) I’ve been having problems with it, so I don’t recommend it and (2) they’ve had “temporary” pop-up ads for several months.

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I signed up with this weekend. It’s only about US$12/year (actually it’s Australian $23, but it works out to US$12 or US$13/year) for the site, plus the same amount for the set-up fee. I also bought a domain name ( and that was the same. So for AUS$69, or about US$40, I have my site for a year. It takes about three days for the internet to recognize domain changes, so my Jeep page is at a temporary address right now.

I signed someone up at this host for the site I designed for him and it actually works! FTP is easy using the file manager.

I don’t think you’ll get a “free” site unless it’s a “members-dot” and you’ll have to put up with banners. Budget is the cheapest place I’ve found. seems pretty reasonable. CNet lists it as one of their certified hosts.

You can find more at:

Click on “basic plans” then by price and the cheapest hosts will pop up. I looked at websolo and they seem to have very good pricings.<=100

OH, and I forgot has free hosts you have to put up with banner ads but you do get your domain, and have to pay Network Solutions for the domain.

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they give you a free site (no ads) with all the basics, and for a small subscription fee you get a domain name and loads of features.

fast and reliable as well.

Well I can’t help you with hosting (I charge for hosting) (well actually offers free hosting but not your own domain) but as far as securing a domain name (regardless of where you host it) the best IMO is … it’s about $11/year.

kgriffey79, how long do you think a site would last if it didn’t charge anyone to use it & there were no paid ads on it? That’s how long your web site would last.

I don’t know if onedollarhosting has ads or not…but I saw their ad on the LA freeway.