Good Wishes, Peeze--GMR Has an Interview!

I just got an email from a company that wants to set up an interview! Woohoo! It’ll be the week of the 20th, so good vibes, please!

Good luck from someone who has gone through a 6 month layoff, and is starting a dream job Nov 3rd…

Thanks vunder. This would be a dream job for me and the timeline for accepting it would probably coincide perfectly with the end of this lease and this semester. Now, I just have to ace some interviews and stuff.

Good vibes being sent your way GMRyujin.

Much luck to ya, GMRyujin!

Sending warm wishes your way.

Thank you all. I’d just like to add: I like pie.

Good luck to you, GMRyujin, from someone who was laid off a week and a half ago and had an interview (with the same company) last week! May you get the job you want. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks Johnny, I’ve been following your drama closely. And if I should get it, I’ll be out by you, unless you move to Washington or whatever.

Good luck, GMRyujin, though I’d hate for you to move away!!! Wahhh! But if it’s for a good reason, I guess I’ll just have to understand.

Don’t worry Archergal, I probably won’t be leaving. This is a kind of semi-regular thing. I interview, have what I think is a great interview and get all excited, then hear I didn’t get it three months later. I’m not packing up the apartment just yet.

“Ya gotta stop with the negative waves, Moriarty!”
– Donald Sutherland in Kelly’s Heroes

I am. Just in case I don’t get the job, I’ll be ready to go! :slight_smile: