Goodbye Weekly World News!

As reported here : The weekly world news will no longer be published. Gone are the days of the stellar investigative reporting that gave us Bat Boy and nearly weekly promises of the end of the world!

My wait in line has just become poorer… :smiley:

Who the hell was buying this rag to begin with? Seriously, what’s the demographic for the Weekly World News? Was it all just extremely gullible old ladies like my grandma?

One idiot I know who bought this would say “I know the stories are fake, but I like to read them anyway”. :rolleyes:

I think it was probably part that, but mostly people who bought it for kitsch, irony value.

Probably people like me that buy it occasionally like acomic book.
Goodbye Bat Boy. Good bye JFK, Elvis and Hitler playing poker in the Bahamas, good bye politicians meeting with aliens. How ever will I keep track of who, in fact, is the current world’s fattest lady?

That’s a shame.

I know the stories are fake, but I liked to read them anyway.

“Man Explodes on Operating Table” “Bigfoot Stole my Wife”

The world is a poorer place. But at least The Sun is still publishing…

At least we’ve still got I Read it in the Midnight Star:


My trips through the check-out lane will be just a little more dreary now.

That’s a shame. I’d been toying with the idea of buying a subscription for a while now, but I guess I waited a little too long.

I can believe that their circulation was declining. I haven’t seen WWN at the supermarkets where I shop for a couple of years now.

Still, this sucks. Now Hillary Clinton can meet with aliens as many times as she wants and we’ll never find out about it.

Aah well, sometimes I am that idiot. The entertainment value of that rag is priceless. Even more hysterical is the fact that some people view what’s written in those pages as canon.

Come on! How are those outrageous stories not amusing? How can one not giggle at the horribly cropped and Photoshopped pictures?

I guess only an idiot like me would understand.

I used to grocery shop for an elderly lady who was housebound. She had a number of health problems and not much money. Her one weekly “extravagance” was a copy of The Sun. She said she didn’t like the others, like the WWN, because “they don’t research their stories to make sure they’re true, like the Sun does”

I’d get it for her first thing and put it face down in the basket, so nobdy that might see me with it would think I was the one who wanted it. But who am I to sneer? She had little enough happiness in this life, let her have some fun with a trashy magazine.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older, but the quality of their stories seems to have declined sharply in the last few issues I’ve read. Oh well, I’ll always miss Batboy.

Was this the one that published Ed Anger? Man I liked his columns, even better than the stuff written by his brother Kenneth. Yes, I know. . . .

I apologize, idiot was the wrong word. I’m an idiot as well, as I have read it while standing in line at the grocery store. But once the price went over a dollar I stopped buying it. Now if you tell me you have a subscription, thats another story… :cool:

This makes me genuinely sad. I have bought a few issues over the years and read stories in many more. I always planned to frame some of the covers and put them in my office. One of my favorites was the headline “Abraham Lincoln was a Woman” with a photoshopped picture of him with lipstick and earrings on the cover. I suppose I could still find some back issues somehow to fulfill my dream but it will be harder. The Onion has some funny stories but it is no Weekly World News.

Does anyone have any favorite stories that they would like to share in tribute?

Indeed. Of course, “Ed Anger” was a pseudonym. In fact, more than one person crafted those diatribes over the years.

They have a disclaimer right inside the front page that everything is fake and is for entertainment purposes only.

Uhhh…my SIL bought it one day while we were on vacation. I certainly would never spend money on that! (assumes shocked expressions, and wishes **Eve ** were around so she could look over her lorngettes at you.)

I bought Weekly World News. For research. For grad school. No kidding.

At least we still have Batboy: The Musical.